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Friday, January 2, 2009

Quebec camp continued. . . .

The temp was in the single digits again this morning, but sunny blue skies and fresh tracks on the perimeter trails made for a fantastic long tour. The whole team skiied trail 24, one of our favorites, which boasts several high viewpoints and ends with some real twisted and screaming downhills. Most of us took the afternoon easy; watching back-to-back movies, taking naps, and finishing novels. . . . . and eating LOTS of food (from my observation, the boys never actually STOP eating. they only pause once in awhile).
Dinner tonight at the girls house: chili topped baked potatoes, followed by another great game of charades. And more movies.
Hoping for the temp to warm just a couple degrees, as we prepare for a team time trial in the morning.

Sarah, Amy, Liz at the end of the long classic tour this morning

Erik entertains the team (and himself) as he relates personal stories around the dinner table.

Women's team and coaches; happy after a sunny, fresh-tracked ski around the trails

Emily tries to get her team to guess the right crooner in another game of charades

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