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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Craftsbury Ski Camp - Day 1

Wow, November 22nd is here already! Thanksgiving is tomorrow and the team has arrived safe and sound in Craftsbury, VT for our training camp. It's the time of year when giving thanks is high on the list for many and we are thankful for such a great venue to train at, the 12 brand new Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded snow tires that got us here and the four+ hours of skiing we got in today, but most of all we're thankful for the opportunity to train and spend time with such an amazing group of individuals. My phone apparently only works when it's above 40 degrees, so instead of having no posts while waiting for a post from someone with a functioning camera I've decided to post a series of pictures from this fall that I do have on my phone (in no particular order). We have 17 incredible EPH skiers at this camp, so each picture will have a 17 word subtitle (don't audit too closely). That's it...Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! - Coach Jay

First day of practice off to
Stony Ledge classic speeds. Go hi vis. ROCK THE COW. yep

New Hallway picture of Eli Hoenig class of 2017.
Great to see him at Homecoming. The GOAT?

Rollerskiing up Greylock with a backpack? No time
not to study says captain Sarah Becker. DOJO Anyone?

Alum Luke Costley came out of the woods
a couple times already this fall. Greylock
ski day.

Another beautiful sunset in the Purple Valley
Pretty hard to beat the warm fall training
this year.
Team Goals meeting. This was before everyone
had to put away their smart phones. ROCK THE COW!

Caitlyn and Rogan cheering loud for the team
at the Alumni 5k race at Greylock
High School.

Do you know how to skip? Elowyn, Schrupp, Gardner and Syben
can! Petersburg Rd bounding warm up. 

Nine times three minutes bounding with poles. Yep, Ouch!
Gotta get tough somehow. Saturday
morning quality work!

enough said
Sunday rain. Soaking wet and putting
in the hours. Captain Becker leading a pack
of the women.

Birthday ski up petersburg pass for Ingrid.
No better way to celebrate then ski up the pass!

Ladies in the snow hole. Jeremy probably
should have stayed in here to scare us. Just sayin.

Jayvin, Caitlyn and Rogan
turning the screws on dad here. How could we ever
hurt ourselves, dad?

Really, I mean how can you not
buy one of these for Rogan. Looks
like a natural!

Pretty Thankful to be at ski camp this
week. Nice break from the hi vis
and traffic!

Last Sunday over distance ski before camp
Is it 50 degrees or 30? Yes. And it's

Dining hall expansion. Everyone secretly
wants one of these machines and Craftsbury
has one around every corner.

At Craftsbury Camp playing Catch Phrase
with my friends. Skied four hours today.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Alumnus Report #1: Eli Hoenig

Homecoming has come and past, and so of course my nostalgia for Williams has been sharply rejuvenated. So here's a blog post of my time post-Williams in the far-away state of CO in the not-so-demographically-dissimilar city of Boulder. As most of my time has been spent solo, most of the pictures are selfies.

Here's one of me and Will Wicherski. Will was actually really happy at that moment in time.

Here's one of me and fresh pow. Don't worry, I got a haircut soon after I took this photo.

I took a bus ride to the CO national monument in Grand Junction. Preceding a long bus delay and getting stuck in a flash blizzard in the mountain passes of Vail, I ran around some rocks.

One of my projects at work was to help shoot lasers from a van (pictured) at a drone, and map gas plumes.

(The title of this post is slightly misleading. I have no idea if any other alumni intend to blog in the near future)

Props to Joey for killing, plucking then feeding me a delicious chicken.


Friday, November 17, 2017


Here are some more pictures of the homecoming and Big Splash festivities.

Elowyn enjoying make your own sundae at Driscoll on Thursday night homecoming dinner.

Some of the freshman very excited for Big Splash.


Major points for Miguel, waking up early and running in the cold!

So great to have the alumni back

I am really looking forward to getting some time on snow in Craftsbury next week and sharing Thanksgiving with the best team!  I hear the food there rocks.
Winter is coming!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

New Lights!

In an attempt to increase safety while roller skiing late fall in the limited light we have gone out and bought blinky lights for the team.  This helps to make our skiers more visible as the sun begins to set in the early afternoon.

In the words of our fearless leader, Captain Schrupp: "This [light] is the best thing that I have received in my four years at Williams!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A (Somewhat Belated) First Blog Post

Time has been flying by – I can’t believe it’s been three months since college started! I’ve learned some valuable lessons in that time, such as always listen to Ingrid and her sense of direction. And if there are lots of branches across a forest trail, that means the path is closed. It doesn’t mean you should climb over them (and wind up getting a little lost, as happened to the women’s team on an OD).

We just finished up a week of easy training with a beautiful skate rollerski in Savoy on Sunday. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures from training, but here’s a pretty view of the sunrise on the way to the gym one morning – a nice reward for getting up early to lift.

On a final note, can’t wait for Craftsbury camp – only a week away!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Homecoming and the BIG SPLASH

Lots of photos and a bit of text coming your way from an excellent homecoming weekend!

We celebrated Lucy, Ingrid and Carmen's Birthday Friday night with a classic shake and bake themed party! Here's Elowyn presenting a carrot cake to the Birthday Girls.

WOW. the GOAT Eli Hoenig makes an appearance at the birthday part. Here he is with Ivy, myself and Jack Consenstein.

Another Alum Luke Costley hyped to be back on campus.

Some people go to school dances to dance, others like Sonya Jampel go to fill their pockets with crackers.

Saturday morning a big crew gathered in Paresky for the BIG SPLASH

Alums Luke, Josh, and Eli

Consenstein and Schrupp headed to Frosh quad to wake up a delinquent Andrew Hull who though he might not wake up.

Sonya's hyped for the splash

happy runners

up pine cobble!

The view from the top!


Jack Consenstein pretty smiley about the tailgate setup

How many big strong skiers does it take to set up a grill?

Sadly no pictures of the dancing as got so lost in the moment I forgot about the blog, but I can assure you we got down.

Now time to buckle down since it's starting to feel like the home stretch of fall semester! Not to mention, time to buckle down on training, too. Just 9 short days until Craftsbury camp!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Checking in from the Office!

Just checking in from the office to give you guys an update on how things are progressing with Jason and I.  Jason recently found a new feature on his iPhone that lets you send Gifs via the messages app.  I posted a few below that he has sent me, also with a brief description of the reasoning behind the message.

This was the first Gif that he sent me.  I believe Jason was getting a little frustrated at the amount of emails that were piling up in his inbox.

This GIF was a response from Jason when I accidentally sent him a text message that was meant for my fiancĂ©.  The text message was in regards to groomsmen choices for our wedding (no date decided yet).

The most recent GIF depicts a frustrated Michael Scott.  This is the mood that both Jason and I were in regarding some issues we have been having with one of our clothing suppliers.  

I will be sure to keep everyone updated if there is any further development on the GIF front from the office.