Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SLU Regionals


This past weekend at the St. Lawrence Carnival in Lake Placid was a blast!  The skiing was excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed testing every wax known to man, and chasing our skiers all over the "Ladies 5K" loop at Mt. Van Hoevenberg.  Both the men's and women's team had their best weekends of the season, scoring 177 points and 155 points between both races.  The team ended the season on a high note, and a huge congrats goes out to Hannah Cole, Eli Hoenig, and Will Wicherski, who sealed their bids to NCAA Championships with this weekend's performances.

I had the pleasure of escorting Eli to the big event this weekend.  Jay headed to Lake Placid at 1pm Thursday with most of the team.  In the meantime, I shot some hoops as I waited for Eli to get out of class at 4pm.  Easiest van ride ever.  We rolled in to Lake Placid just after 7pm, and met up with the rest of the team at a pizza place in town.

Another cold one on Friday.  We've gotten pretty used to it by now, so it wasn't too bad.  The ladies started the Carnival off with an individual start 5K skate race.  Hannah Cole had a great day finishing in 9th place.  Tsaina wasn't far behind in 15th place, and Hannah Benson was our third scorer in 29th place.  The women's team scored 79 points for 6th place, but were only three points out of fourth place.

Sarah Becker skied to an impressive 37th place!
Hannah Benson getting some glide!
Hannah Cole skiing to 9th place!
Rebecca skies to 46th place.
The men skied around the Ladies 5K loop twice Friday.  Jordan Fields led the way for the Ephs with an 11th place finish.  Following closely behind Jordan was Will and Eli who took 12th and 13th place.  The men tallied 90 points for the day, which earned them a third place finish behind Dartmouth and UVM.

Eli skiing to 13th place.
Jack skiing to 23rd place.
Jordan skied a great race for 11th place.
Luke skiing to 52nd place.
Vanya also skied a great race for 17th place.
On Saturday, the men skied a 20k mass start classic with the women skiing 15k.  The men skied a great race, with only a couple minor mishaps.  Out of the start, Luke got caught up by someone falling in front of him.  He ended up breaking a pole, but luckily Josh was nearby to hand him a new one.  It turns out that Josh is a little taller than Luke, so he had to ditch Josh's pole for a shorter one.  It probably felt like Luke was skiing with a telephone pole in one hand.  Despite only skiing with Josh's pole for a few meters, permanent damage did occur and Luke now looks like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  But he was able to regain contact with the rest of the field.  A little while later, Vanya was spotted scootering down the hill into the stadium with a ski in hand.  He ended up breaking his binding.  He grabbed one of his practice skis (from the ski rack next to the lodge, which was not part of the race course), and ended up finishing the rest of the race.  In the end, it was Will skiing to a 13th place finish, with Jack Schrupp skiing really well for 15th, and Eli in 17th place.  The men totaled 87 points for another third place finish behind Dartmouth and UVM.

Cheering for Eli.
Jack leads Eli, Vanya, and Jordan.

Jordan skiing to 25th place.
Luke and Vanya skied the last lap and through the finish together.
The men's field early in the race.
Will skiing to 13th place
There was some turmoil in the women's race as well.  A few hundred meters out of the stadium, Hannah Cole had to stop short to avoid slamming into a girl in front of her.  Unfortunately, Olivia, Tsaina, and Hannah Benson were right behind her, and a pile up of Williams ladies resulted.  By 1k into the race, we didn't have any women in the top 30.  By 2k, Hannah Cole, Tsaina, Benson, and Olivia were charging to the lead pack.  They regained good positions, but were pretty spent from the effort.  Cole ended the day in 12th place, with Tsaina in 17th, and Olivia in 18th.  The women totaled 76 points for a 6th place team finish, but they were only four points out of fourth place.

Hannah Cole skiing through the lap.
Olivia skied a great race for 18th place.
Tsaina skiing to 17th place.
The start of the women's race.
Olivia and Tsaina after their awesome 17th and 18th place finishes.
I can't believe the last carnival of the season is done.  It feels like we were at Craftsbury for our Thanksgiving camp just last week.  The season has flown by, and I'm bummed to only have a week and a half left.  It has been a pretty epic year!  We've had personal bests achieved every weekend, five different men have finished in the top 10, the women scored over 80 points in three different races, and we're sending three skiers to NCAA championships.  I am really impressed with how every single one of our skiers balances an intense class schedule and school work load, with all of the training and racing we do, and all of the other activities and interests they have.  We have a great group of young men and women, and they are just awesome!

Eli, Jack, Luke, and Vanya on course cheering for the ladies!
A huge shoutout goes out to all the parents!  Without your support and help, Jay and I would be even more lost than we already are, and the kids would be starving.  Big thanks to Peter Hoenig for taking all the beautiful pictures of our skiers.  We have a really photogenic team!  Thanks to Peter Benson who froze his hands off taking video for us to watch and analyze throughout the season.  Thanks to all the parents that contributed food every weekend and manned the food table, even in the below-zero degree weather.  Couldn't have done it without all of you!

Pretty amazing spread!
Lastly, huge thanks to Coach Jay for being such an amazing coach, mentor, and friend.  He works extremely hard, and he does it all with a smile on his face.

We leave for NCAA Championships at Lake Placid on Monday.  First race is Wednesday, March 11 with the 5/10K individual start skate, and Friday, March 13 is the 15/20k mass start classic.  Still plenty of skiing to be done!


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Last one, fast one!

Jay and I are testing 13 different glide waxes/pure fluoros for this weekends races at Lake Placid...Our skis are going to be rocket ships!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Gearing Up for Regionals in Lake Placid

The skiing has continued to impress at Prospect and we had a great uphill skate interval workout on Saturday in preparation for the races this weekend. Everyone is pumped to end the regular carnival season on a high note!

When conditions allow we've also had a few
easy skis on the golf course

A picture from my phone of Luke getting
ready to start at Middlebury

Perfect tracks leading to somewhere

The powder skiing at Prospect has
been outstanding

Jayvin climbing the new race downhill

Summit of Prospect on 2/22/15

Skiing the terrain park is FUN!
STAY TUNED FOR EISA CHAMPIONSHIPS RESULTS. Looks like it's going to be another cold one!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Great Skiing at Prospect!

The team did some short speeds yesterday at Prospect.  The Carnival circuit is taking a break from racing this weekend.  We'll be at Regional Champs at Lake Placid in a week and a half!

Snowy Prospect!

Sarah Becker during a speed.

Coach chases Luke and Will.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Midd Carnival

The team rolled in to Middlebury Thursday afternoon.  Since the kids are back taking classes and doing smart things, we took two different vans so as to allow those that have class all day Thursday to actually go to class.  I don't really understand this whole "I have to go to class" thing.  I barely went when I was in school and look at me now!  Anyways, I drove the 1pm van, and my crew made it to Rikert just in time to ski through a complete blizzard.  After our ski, we drove down the hill to our hotel, where we checked-in and showered before heading to dinner.  Apparently, I'm really good looking because a bunch of girls came up to our table at dinner and asked for my phone number.  Ok, it was only one girl, and she may or may not have been dared to ask for my phone number...

With the whole team back together at the hotel, Jason and I broke the news that Friday's races would be delayed until 1 and 2pm because of the cold forecast.  Everyone was pretty upset that they had to sleep in, including Jay and I - Not!  I think I slept until 8am.  It was glorious.  Both men and women did a 10k classic individual start race on Friday.  With the women starting first, our top finisher was Hannah Cole in 12th place.  Olivia was our second finisher in 21st, and Hannah Benson was our third scorer in 28th.  One the men's side, Will skied to an 11th place finish, with Jack in 20th, and Jordan in 24th.

Hannah Benson climbs for a 28th place finish.
Heidi (50th place overall) strides up one of the really tough hills at Rikert.
Tsaina cruises to 32nd.
Eli (25th place) powers up one of the climbs.
Luke (55th place) takes one of the downhill corners with some speed.
Jordan scores some points for the team with a 24th place.
Saturday consisted of a 5k skate for the women, and a 10k skate for the men.  Though it wasn't as cold as Friday, it still felt pretty cold with some fresh snow falling throughout the day.  For the women, Hannah Cole earned a top-10 with an 8th place finish.  Tsaina finished a great race for 14th overall, and Hannah Benson was our third scorer in 21st.  For the men, we had Will in 13th place, with Eli not far behind in 15th.  Jordan was our third finisher in 20th.

Sarah Becker skies to 44th place.
Hannah Cole cruises to 8th place.
Olivia skates to 32nd.
Eli getting some glide.
Jack climbs to 22nd place.
Will hammers to 13th place.
Eli, Coach, Jordan, Jack, and Luke after their race Saturday.
Thanks again to all the parents that came out in the bitter cold with copious amounts of food and cheering.  Thanks to Peter Hoenig for all the pictures, and Peter Benson for taking video for us to analyze afterwards.

Last one, fast one!  Regional Championships at Lake Placid Feb. 27 and 28th.


Middlebury Carnival Results

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Too Easy

Easy ski on campus as the team gets ready for Middlebury Carnival this weekend!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

It's Not Even Valentines Day! - Dartmouth Carnival/Carni Crush

Unfortunately, the one year that Hanover, NH actually has a lot of snow, Dartmouth still has their Carnival in Craftsbury.  Given that Craftsbury is in the middle-of-nowhere, Vermont, the team opted to stay in Stowe where the accommodations are much more accommodating.  And by that I mean there's actually places to stay other than the always booked Craftsbury Outdoor Center.  So!  Thursday, we made the trek to Stowe where we made a quick pitstop at the Halvorsen's for a beautiful afternoon ski on their amazing trails.  Jason and I were so excited, we hammered along the trails for an hour, never dropping below L3.

After our lovely ski, the team headed to our home-away-from-home: The Hob Knob.  Luckily, my van was one of the first ones there because the last time we stayed at the Hob Knob, some of the boys thought it would be a good idea to put lotion all over every single doorknob in my room, as well as short-sheet my bed.  And they wonder why their skis are so slow...

Friday's race was a combined Carnival and Supertour skate sprint.  The top thirty overall in the qualifier move on to the heats.  Hannah Benson qualified in 23rd place among some of the elite women in the nation.  She finished the day in 19th overall, which was good enough for a 9th place finish among college skiers.  Heidi and Hannah Cole were our two other scorers for the day, finishing in 22nd and 30th in the college field.

Heidi during the qualifier on Friday
Benson (Second from right) at the start of her quarterfinal, which turned out to be of all collegiate women.
Sarah Abramson during the qualifier

Rebecca during her qualifier - 46th for College
On the men's side we had Jack qualifying in 24th and Will in 29th overall.  They both moved onto the next round with some of the nations best where they ended the day in 23rd and 24th, which was good enough for 9th and 10th place among college skiers.  Luke Costley was our third scorer for the day in 20th place.

Ben during the qualifier.

Hans just barely missed qualifying and ended the day in 39th overall.

Luke cruises to his first top 20 collegiate race in 20th place.
Friday's skate sprint was really fun and exciting, but I think most people were more excited about Saturday's 10k skate race and their Carni-Crushes.  But before Carni-Crush ensued, both Williams men and women had a huge day.  On the men's side, Will skied to a 7th place finish as he pulled Eli to an 11th place finish.  Jack skied to a career best 12th place finish.

Will and Eli skied most of the race together
Jordan skied a great race to finish 17th
Jack skis to a career best 12th
Josh V2's over the top of a climb.
Vanya skies to 27th place for college skiers
The women's team, likewise had a great day!  Skiing through a tough field of Supertour and Eastern Cup racers, Hannah Cole stole 10th place for college skiers, with Hannah Benson not far behind in 12th.  Tsaina skied to a career best 14th place finish.  The women's team finished sixth for the day, but were only three points away from beating UVM and Bates for fourth place.

Sarah Becker skied an awesome race Saturday!
Benson skis to 12th place.

Eliza powers up one of the climbs at Craftsbury
Hannah Cole skis to another top 10
Olivia skis to 37th place in the Carnival
Tsaina skies to a career best 14th
After the races, all the skiers gathered into a big crowd to present their Carni-crushes with poems, pictures, and valentines of love, lust, and longing.  That's the "PG" version of that sentence, and as lightly as I could put it.  Meanwhile, Jason and I packed up the truck and waited in the vans for the team to secede from the onslaught of vulgar poems and pictures.

Can't tell if they're getting ready for their race, studying, preparing for Carni-crush, just relaxing, or all of the above...
I'm pretty jacked up on all these good vibes from the the team right now!  Four down, two to go.  This weekend is at Middlebury.  Many thanks to all the parents!  So much support, help, food, cheering, and love!