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Friday, December 2, 2016

Feelin' Super Lucky (And shoutout to HC!!!)

Hi Williams Ski World!

Last week I got to experience my first week training with the ski team. With a little help from the Prospect Miracle, I was able to go from running in the nationals throw-down in Louisville, Kentucky, to skiing in a winter wonderland just a mere four days later.

Nationals pre-race dramatic picture taking sesh 

Although this transition from running to skiing definitely has it's challenges, I feel so incredibly lucky to have such a supportive, kind, and hilarious group of teammates and coaches to spend these November/December weeks with. Several times this week I was reminded of how truly special this team is, from the constant words of encouragement I heard from teammates on the ski trails, to every time I saw Jack in his sleeping sack.

Whatta smile

I think that's Lucy speeding by

Ladies getting ready to crush classic speeds
I first got a sense of how amazing this team was this summer, when I got to spend time in Bend with Tsaina, Sarah, Elowyn, Sonya, and Ivy. Now that ski season is finally here, I'm so excited to get to know everyone else and experience the team in full-force. 

Something that really meant a lot to me this week was when Hannah Cole took time out of her own strength workout to patiently go through the exercises with me (Eli also was really helpful).  This act of kindness made me realize how lucky I am to be on this team. That day, I also learned "ALL SIX" ways of the monster series, and that a Reverse rollout is no joking matter. Although for now we are back to some dryland conditions, the spirit of the team has kept the hype strong.

A lil summer throwback to a hike up South Sister
Ze View

So, I know these last two weeks of finals are going to be a grind, and getting the ski legs back on can be a little rough, but being on a team with wonderful, weird, and badass skiers is going to keep me going. (Also a little more Prospect magic would be sick.)

-Carmen :)

Monday, November 28, 2016

Blast from the Past- Stay Grateful

     With all the excitement over Prospect's spontaneous transformation into a winter wonderland, I just wanted to make sure no one forgot the snowless struggle that was last year. We have had to be adaptable athletes (and are lucky to have resourceful and resilient coaches!!) in the past and will certainly have to be so in the future; it's all good practice. For training. And races. And life. So be grateful when you feel like a blind, uncoordinated walrus; when you have have to do 652 billion laps to get in an hour long ski; as well as when there are ego-boosting, superhero conditions.
Our extensive training trail in Craftsbury last year. To be fair, this depicts only about half of the actual skiable loop.

This was at Berkshire East, I believe, mid season.  Who says no snow means no hills?
100% accurate. Keep at it, y'all.

What a week to be an eph. Just wrapped up an awesome thanksgiving camp at Prospect!

Me, about to do a klister-hits-powder faceplant 

Becker and me, pounding out some reading-intervals after the skate intervals on Saturday

Friday, November 25, 2016

Movie Night

We did not make it to Craftsbury but we did make the trip to the movie theater in North Adams to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  A great time was had by all!


Prospect Mountain may very well have the best skiing on the continent this week after 28" fell on Sunday night. With snow shortages in the Western US and British Colombia, there are few places besides western NY with as much snow as we have right now and there are few places I'd rather be. Thankful for a great team and coaches to share these long training days with.

Sad to hear that many other EISA teams' Thanksgiving camps are without snow this year, my only advice to y'all: get to Prospect ASAP.

These photos were taken by Jack Consenstein, one of our awesome freshman and an excellent photographer. He used his new drone to take these shots. See more of his work at:

Thankful to be an eph, thankful for SNOW!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! The Ephs are thankful today for the entire ski community. We had a great Classic Threshold session this morning and are gathering for a team Thanksgiving dinner tonight at the Costley's. A huge thank you to Liz, Tom and Luke for offering our skiers a chance to get off campus together to share a meal. We are so thankful for your generosity!

A picture from today:

Thanksgiving Day 11-24-2016
Top of 1/3 looking down
Kick - 2 Thin layers of Rode Violet

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Continued Coverage of the PROSPECT MIRACLE

Better skiing than we had all last year, all before Thanksgiving! We are all in a state of disbelief.
The team has been making the most of the Prospect miracle, getting an incredible first ski in Tuesday November 23, and then today, Wednesday, we spent all day knocking out two all-time sessions.

Winter Wonderland

 Lots of excitement in the lodge post-ski No. 1

Nobody can contain their excitement!


It's hard to do speeds when you can't stop smiling

Best assistant coach in the EISA, and I'll fight anyone who says he's not

Great to have Carmen training with us straight from cleaning up at CC Nationals

Jack Consenstein wondering what he should do with his lunch break

Looks like somebody is happy about his sandwich 

Thesis boys Eli and Jordan in "the dojo"

Happy sandwich-->Happy nap

Keeping cozy round the stove

Coach Jay in the studio with legwork