Saturday, February 13, 2016

Eli 2nd PLACE! - Ties for the best ever Male Finish

It was a FRIGID day today at the Dartmouth Carnival, but it didn't slow down the team!!
Men's Results:

Women's Results:

Special SHOUT OUT for a standout performance: ELI lead for 4 out of 6 laps and almost took a HUGE win today in the 20K Classic! He tied the best ever result for a male nordic skier at Williams. The whole team raced hard and we had gutsy efforts across the board to be proud of. Both the men's and women's teams are pumped and looking forward to rocking the cow in a big way at our home carnival this weekend in Lake Placid, NY!

Not Bad With 5
In the Top 22!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Last week proved to be another fun week of training as Winter Study courses wrapped up. We also got to see a few of our teammates other talents this week. Members of the team had the opportunity to be "transported to the society of angels" by Eliza's gregorian chant. We also discovered Sonya's passion for fashion as she explained to us her clothing line, unfortunately I can't talk more about it because it would "not be a strategic move from a marketing standpoint." Eli and Hans gave us a sneak preview at their future as renowned Yelp food critics.

We also had a chance to ski with some of the Bill Koch League kids.

Sarah who found an especially sassy group of girls to ski with

Jordan leads some kids as they rip around another loop.

Come weekend we headed over to Lake Placid where some people raced and others trained through, or gave themselves a chance to get healthy.

Olivia happily waits to see Sonya, Luke and Hans in the Saturday sprint heats.

Hannah Cole is smiley

Coach in action

Luke walks after his heat


We came back to fast dissapearing snow at Prospect but still had a wonderful ski to round out a great winter study!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Trip to NY: Skyscrapers and Cement

The team was able to pull together another great week of training at Prospect as the snow rapidly depleted. After a solid double pole session one day and a practice with some local BKL skiers the team was primed for the Supertour races in Lake Placid, NY or a solid block of training at Mt. VanHoevenberg for others. Unfortunately, Lake Placid was not immune to the unseasonably warm weather the Northeast has been experiencing and the races had to be moved from the Olympic Nordic venue to the manmade snow loop at the Ski Jumps. Being a native of New York, I was psyched to be back on home turf, tearing up some familiar courses, and admiring the beauty of Upstate NY and the Adirondack Mountains. As it was a week off from the Carnival circuit, we had the flexibility to choose between racing, for those who felt they needed more practice, and a couple quality workout sessions for those looking to stay primed deep into the season.

Aside from racing well, another goal of mine for the weekend was to convince fellow freshman Braden Becker of the astounding diversity and natural beauty of New York State – he couldn’t help but profess his love for the state by the end of the weekend.

In case anyone needs more convincing. Above: view from Wright Peak

Sickness kept me from racing the sprints on Saturday, so I joined the crew heading to Mt. VanHoevenberg instead, where the conditions were great for training (not quite enough snow to hold the races) on all of the unbeatable trails that VanHo has to offer. 

Meanwhile, the Williams contingent showed the big guns of the Supertour circuit a little bit of the Purple Valley’s finest. Congrats to Hans and Luke for making the heats, and Sonya for making the U18/U20 heats! On another note, the restaurant competition heated up on Saturday night with Lisa G’s surging into the lead with a great meal had by all. A larger group raced on Sunday for the 10k classic interval start race, but the balmy beach weather that NY treated us to and the challenging 2.5k loop were no match for the Ephs. Congrats to Braden, Nick, and Tsaina for their top 30 finishes, and again to Braden for being the fastest U20 out there on the day!

Everyone is looking forward to charging back onto the Carnival circuit this weekend at the UVM Carnival to continue our awesome run of domination.

Thanks as always to Jason and Perry for the fast skis and world-class coaching. And thank you to everyone who follows and supports us!

-Evan Carr

P.S. In response to Perry including a quote in his post below I leave you with this…

“Polls are for strippers and cross-country skiers” –Sarah Palin

I’m not really sure what she’s getting at exactly, but I think it might have something to do with not letting past results hold you back and prevent you from doing great things in the future, and she mentions cross-country skiing, so I like it.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Love It

"Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, all the time."

This is a quote Vern Gambetta said to us coaches when we were in Lake Placid this past fall for a coaching symposium put on by USSA.  I really like it.  I liked it before he had even said it, because as a cross-country skier you are constantly reminded of how painful the sport is.  I love that about skiing.  I love how it is perpetually pushing you out of your comfort zone.  I love how tough it is.  I love how tough it makes me.  I love thinking about how I do the hardest sport there is.

2 hour ski at Prospect on Monday
Even as a coach, I find that this sport is still pushing me out of my comfort zone.  And I love it!  This past weekend at the Lake Placid SuperTour was no exception.  Long days, warm weather, tricky waxing, wax test after wax test, and high expectations for myself; I was pushed to my limit.  At the end of it all, I stood there in the wax truck and felt I had nothing left to give.  Then we packed everything up, and drove the three hours home.  I was exhausted, and my emotional status was nonexistent.  I brooded to myself.

Nordic skiing creates a culture of hard workers that transcends the yearly double-pole test.  It turns complacent individuals into questioners, believers, dreamers.  I want more.  I want worse conditions.  I want more wax to test, and skis to wax.  I want to be pushed and pushed until I can actually say that I have nothing left to give.  And then I want to do it again.

As I look out the window to the 50 degree rain plowing through our dreams of a white winter, I think: Give it to me.  This past weekend, Freshman Sonya Jampel made the U20/U18 A-Final.  I knew she was going to win.  However, 200 meters out of the start she got tripped up, fell, and was in last place going out of the stadium.  After she crossed the finish line, she came up to me and asked what you're supposed to do in that situation.  Without hesitation I said grin and bear it.  

Sonya at the start of the U20/U18 Skate Sprint Final
Today, the team is going for a run coupled with an Ercolina workout.  This weekend we head to Vermont for the UVM carnival.  Believe me when I say our team is full of hard-working men and women, that are relentless in achieving their goals and endeavors.  I feel confident that we have the most dangerous collegiate ski team in the country right now.  The paradigm is shifting.  Watch us shake up the EISA circuit this weekend.  Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Carnival season brings many things: secret goodies placed in ski lockers, whispers of carnie crush schemes, and of course, lots of time in the ski vans. The past two weekends have brought us to Quarry Road in Maine, so van time has been plentiful. 

Sonya struggles to adapt to van life

All this time together has only brought the team closer. Now at 18 strong, it really feels like one team working together to ski fast, have fun, and above all be nice to Perry. 

This week was full of team time, starting with our annual 80's bowling night.

Benselation Station does bowling


Carr gives his best blue steel while rocking a very tight denim vest...

...but best 80's outfit award went to Eli 

Go Benzene Fuel!!!

Midweek marked Josh's 22 birthday, and the team surprised him for cake and movie night.

HBD Squashua ft. Midder #1 aka BAE

 And then back into the vans on Friday for the drive to Maine, where the both men and women raced a 15km classic on Saturday and a team skate sprint on Sunday. All this time together lent itself to some very quotable moments:

"Wait, this is a girl?!"--Eli

 "I don't feel like talking about myself tonight"--Minnie

Thanks to our awesome coaches our skis were rippin' and the team skied to some historic finishes. Jack won the 15km (for the first 5km) and Eli skied his heart out to make it onto the podium for his first 3rd place finish!

 Jack, Eli, and Braden post 15km classic

The girls worked together in the 15km, with Olivia leading us in 18th place. We broke out the glitter for the team relay (a la US Ski Team) and managed to have fun and beat Harvard too.

T-sain and Minnie riding the post-race high


Overall, a solid week of racing, travel, and team fun. This coming week is a break from college racing and the team is headed to Lake Placid this weekend for the SuperTour and some extra volume training before jumping into classes and the UVM carnival next week.   

A big shout out to all the supportive parents who provide us with the best food table on the EISA circuit week after week!! We couldn't do it without you. Thank you thank you thank you!

As always, think snow!!


Last night I was watching some video from the first weekend of racing at Waterville. The thing that stood out to me above all else, other than my piercing baby-blue eyes, was the cheering from Perry Thomas. Perry was jumping wildly and screaming like a mad-man each time a Williams skier passed by, taking "soccer mom" to a whole new level. I am so grateful that we have such a zealous fan.

Big things are in store for both Perry and team, and congratulations to Eli Hoenig for taking his first step onto the podium! 

Now eat some beef, brush your teeth, kiss your Mom, and get sendy! 



So Many Good Pictures

We have a HUGE number of excellent pictures from this past weekend courtesy of Peter Hoenig. More to come soon, but here are a couple of my favorites to get it started:

Olivia, Tsaina, Sarah.
Contagious Positivity 
Eli Hoenig on the PODIUM

Eli, Jack, Braden and Jordan
It was an awesome weekend of racing. More pics, stories and updates to come soon. We're so proud of the entire team! - Jay