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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring molting

From Stanford Ecology:
"Molting is timed to meet various needs. For example, resident temperate-zone birds require more insulating feathers in the winter than in the summer. The number is changed in the process of molting; winter plumage may contain more than half again as many feathers as summer plumage. Since the feathers, which carry the colors of birds, are "dead," a bird cannot totally change its colors without changing its feathers (although its appearance can change substantially just from wear). Therefore a male bird usually molts into his most colorful plumage prior to the breeding season."

Emil Graf, everybody.



Friday, March 9, 2018

Steamboat NCAA 10K Classic

Yesterday was the NCAA 10K Classic race for Braden. Early in the morning the wax was extra blue, by the time Braden started we were into klister. It was great to have Jordan Fields ('17) around to help us test skis. Braden started early with bib 3 and set a blistering pace. He skied extremely well and ended up finishing in 15th place (6th American) and only 16 seconds from the top 10. The coaches were impressed and with that result he managed to score enough points to tie MSU and to beat another 4 teams that had a full 3 skiers qualified for the race. Nice work, Braden and way to ROCK THE COW!
I was too busy waxing and cheering to take a picture until after the race:

Jordan Fields ('17) and Braden Becker
soaking in the post race rays
Eli Hoenig ('17) shows up tonight, so we'll have 4 of us working hard to make fast skis for Braden tomorrow in the 20K. Race starts at 9AM. Send Braden fast thoughts!

I also have a few pics from the banquet on Tuesday night. We rode the Gondola up to the Champagne Powder Room for the event. It was a beautiful evening and the views were great!

Braden and Marc surrounded
by coaches

View looking SW

View looking toward the summit

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Steamboat NCAA Update

Hello Eph Nordic Followers!

It's been a busy couple of weeks wrapping up the EISA Circuit and packing up for NCAAs. Williamstown is bracing for the biggest winter storm of the season and conditions at Prospect are the best of the season so far. We are all looking forward to being in Sjusj√łen, Norway in less than two weeks!

In the meantime Braden, Jeremy and I have spent the last three days suffering with the conditions in Steamboat Springs, CO. You know, it's a low snow year in Colorado, see below for proof!

The view from the house

This morning Braden and I skied at Lake Catamount Touring Center:

Notice the snow pebble in the left track
I mean how are we supposed
to ski in such conditions?

The conditions were brutal, but we managed to survive. Jeremy had a similar experience testing under layers on the race loops. Don't worry too much though, we'll be okay:)

We'll be testing skis like crazy tomorrow in preparation for the 10K classic on Thursday. Send fast thoughts to Braden!

All the best,


Monday, February 26, 2018

The (Almost) End of the Season

It's been a crazy season folks. Snow conditions have been fickle, spirits have been high and low, and results have sometimes just been downright strange. Regardless of all these things, the Williams team raced through it all and emerged on the other side, a little bruised and battered but otherwise healthy and prideful. And after a hard fought season, one lucky Eph, Braden Becker, will be representing us at NCAAs and getting to spend (perhaps too much) personal time with Jason and Jeremy. I think I speak for the whole team when I say that we will all be watching results and crossing our fingers in hopes that he can dethrone some 26 year-old European skiers.

Cheers to a great season team, I really don't know what I'd do without ya.

-Jack "Connie" Consenstein

Regionals Recap

The last carnival for the 2017/2018 season is now in the books!  It was a wild ride, with both highs and lows for the entire team.  Its hard to believe that the crazy Colby Carnival is already 7 weeks in the rearview mirror.  Regionals did not disappoint as we had Seniors Jack Schrupp and Elowyn Pfeiffer toe the line for the last time as a purple cow, and Braden finally made his presence known on the EISA circuit with a 2nd place finish in the 20km mass start!

The team is still not finished, as this 2nd place finished was enough to book Braden a ticket to Steamboat Springs next week for the NCAA National Championships!  Here is to fast skis and good feelings for Braden at next weeks races!

Below are several pictures from the weekend:

Fast racing by both Carmen (13th) and Ingrid (15th)!

Happy Cows!


Lucy nearly pulled off her first top 20 finish in 23rd!

Final climb into the finish for the ladies!

Toothless selfie with the ladies!
A little more presentable picture of me with the ladies!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Closure. I Jack "Joey" Schrupp have skied my last race and am donating my skis to the Olympian from Tonga. I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude. I would like to thank Jordan Fields '17 for giving me purpose. I would like to thank Nick Gardner '19 for giving me sensibility. I would like to thank Uncle Mike for both my inflated ego and humility. I would like to thank my mother for my ambition, and my father for my perspective. I would like to thank Williams Skiing for the opportunity to both succeed and to fail. I would like to thank Fluffernutter for . . . well everything. I would like to thank David Dethier for this photo.


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Williams Winter Carnival!

We are now done with our most important race of the season, the home carnival up at Prospect!  It was a wild couple of weeks preparing for the event.  We started with having a solid idea that we were going to probably have to move it to Craftsbury based on snow conditions two weeks out.  Just before the Dartmouth Carnival we received nearly 18 inches of new snow and had the best conditions at Prospect of the entire year.  We made the decision to host the carnival at Prospect, and then mother nature decided to play a prank on us and turn the thermostat up a couple of notches.  We had a pretty big meltdown on the Thursday before the races were to begin and had less than ideal racing conditions.  Even with mother nature throwing a wrench into our plans, the hard work from Steve and all the volunteers helped us to pull off two challenging and fair races!

The classic races on Friday were among some of our best the entire season.  The Purple Cows managed to put 3 guys in the top 25 and 2 girls in the top 20.  Shoutout to our very own Lucy Alexander who was proud to make it on page 1 of the results in 33rd place!  Day 2 was an interesting event for everyone as we were not able to hold the planned sprint races.  Instead we put on a very flat, and very fast 3.8km prologue that challenged everyone to push it to 110%!  There were some great results from both the mens and the womens team.

Below are some photos/videos from stuff around the carnival.  Being pretty busy with waxing/coaching I don't have many from the actual races, but from the days leading up to the event and afterwards.

Team skiing together after an awesome race prep workout on Tuesday.

Conditions on Wednesday were nothing but spectacular!

Conditions race morning were less spectacular...
Parents were even chipping in a hand to help get the courses race ready!

A very happy womens carnival team (+ Franklin and Jason)

Womens team happy to be on a wonderful Sunday OD ski.  Note all of the new snow in the background!
Only one more Carnival left for the team this season!  "Last one, fast one." - Dominic Toretto