Friday, May 20, 2016


Ruling the EISA will never come easy, but the Williams crew is taking steps to put ourselves at the top next season.

Last week before everyone started packing up and leaving campus, the men's team jogged up to the Chateau Costley to do a little outdoor strength session inspired by Jack Schrupp. We shuffled a deck of cards and worked our way through it, each suit corresponding to a workout and each number to the amount of reps.

Not a lot of shirts to be worn.

Jack Schrupp pressing a bag of fertilizer

Evan and Eli well on their way to 108 pushups

Dips and pull-ups in the woodshed

Eli's getting after it

Becker maxing out



The very next day the boys hit the track to run a 3000 in the rain.
Sadly, no shots from the race, but Carr got some shots of the aftermath.

While training hard will make you a good skier, I'm convinced the only way to be a great skier is training with a team like Williams. Everyone supports each other, be it cheering on that final, seemingly impossible pull-up, crowding around a Driscoll dinner table, or filling up every last seat (and more) in the geoscience lecture room to hear Josh defend his thesis. I'm already looking forward to the history that will be made next season, both on the trails and off. 
Watch out EISA!

See you next year, Williams

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Back At It

Eph friends!

I know, I know, I know!!  This post is long overdue.  NCAA's in Steamboat and the week after, were pretty intense (to say the least!), and I think everyone, including myself, was looking forward to a relaxing spring break.  With that said, the coaches are back in the office finalizing this past year, and preparing for the next.  Training plans are being created.  Recruits are on campus.  The athletes are back in the classroom, dining halls, weight room, and trails.  And pretty much everyone is wondering what the heck Mother Nature thinking?!?!?  Looks like we'll be getting some nice weather later this week.

Back to Steamboat. - (Seriously though, take me back...)

The whole crew! Left to Right: Coach P, Alpine Assistant Coach Dan, Bryan Bailey, Hannah Hunsaker, Eli Hoenig, Jack Schrupp, Coach K, Coach J.
OH MY LANTA!!!  What a fun and rewarding week!  Jason and I still can't believe how well both Jack and Eli skied at 7000 feet.  That was definitely some of the best skating we've seen from the two of them in the 10k, and the classic race was simply amazing!  Eli skied out of his mind for the best Williams Nordic finish, ever!!!

WE can FLY - Part 1. Textbook technique.

WE can FLY - Part 2. It's too easy.

Post skate race.  Loving the sun, and awesome race finishes!!

WE can FLY - Part 3. Jack skied really well all week, and he's only a sophomore!  Watch out for this kid!!

WE can Fly - Part 4. Light feet, in your face cheering screaming. Right about when Eli started to feel the altitude.  He was straight chillin up until this point (start of the 4th lap) - An All-American finish was already solidified.
Testing skis and wax with Jason everyday in beautiful steamboat, with just a t-shirt on was so much fun.  We had a good mix of weather while we were there, with the first half being kind of dreary.  Luckily the last few days allowed for some sunny, 50F skiing.  Other than skiing in some huge mountains everyday, the boys took to the books pretty hard.  In fact, that's basically all they did, which speaks volume to the fact that they were probably the only skiers in Steamboat working that hard on school.  The four of us also ate really well.  We cooked some delicious meals in our house with lots of organic food and vegetables! It was great!

Huge shout out to Alum. Ben Corwin for getting Jason and I these awesome, wooden 3D plaques for our office!!
Time to get back in a routine here.  Look out for more blog posts coming soon!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Spring training in the desert

Jordan and Nick joined Ben Corwin '15 in Denver and the trio drove to the desert for a few days of exploration. Lots of brush, freezing stream crossings, red canyon walls, sand, and sore feet later, they exited the desert, Ben drove home, and Jordan and Nick returned to the desert to see no more people for another four days. 
 Navigating by quadrangle.
The first wash.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Today is the greatest day I have ever been an Eph. Eli Hoenig just skied to a historic 6th place at the Division I National Championships. Jack Schrupp just skied an incredible personal best 24th place. Both have worked so hard all year long focused on this week, this day, this race, this finish. Beyond the race course, these guys are All-Americans too. They're friends and teammates you know you can always count on, who consistently put the team before themselves and who I know will be soft spoken about their victories today. That's why I am bragging for them.

This victory also represents the amazing people at the helm of our ship: Jason and Perry. Eli and Jack definitely had the best skis out there today, from what I could tell, and I know our coaches have been on a caffeine-klister fueled craze since the break of dawn working to make today possible. I know too, that Eli and Jack had the most fearsome cheerers on course today - I'll be surprised if Jason and Perry's voices have recovered by our spring meetings next month. Their heart, their souls, and their bodies too, are in this as much as we are. That kind of commitment is invaluable.

And the team, huddled around their laptops across campus, texting each other back and forth, desperately, hopelessly invested in events they, painfully, cannot control halfway across the country are big players here too. The community that the team has become this year is incredible. I know every single skier not in Steamboat was watching this race. 1500 miles apart or not - this was a team effort.

A team effort that I am proud, and lucky, to a part of. An effort that I won't soon, or ever, forget.

To Eli, to Jack, to Jason, to Perry, to teammates, to parents, to the Williams Skiing community - thank you for always giving your all and making today possible.

With love,


Thursday, March 10, 2016

NCAA 5/10 Skate Live Stream

Cheer on Eph Skiers Eli Hoenig (bib 20) and Jack Schrupp (bib 33) tomorrow in the 10K NCAA skate race! You should be able to see live coverage here:

Women's 5K at 9AM (11AM EST) and Men's 10K at 10:30AM (12:30PM EST)

Live timing and results should be available here:

Go Ephs!

Pre Race Dinner
All Organic - Check!
Late Night
Test Fleet Waxing - Check!

Monday, March 7, 2016

Regionals to NCAA's

Last weekend, the team was at the EISA Regional Championships, hosted by Middlebury College.  Given the trend in this year’s snow conditions in New England, the Carnival schedule was changed due to heavy rain earlier in the week, with the 5/10k skate on Saturday and the mass start 15/20k classic on Sunday.  All things considered, Rikert was able to host some great ski races, despite some mishaps on a select few icy corners.

Making skis fast!!
On Friday night, the entire EISA league gathered for desserts in one of Middlebury’s illustrious dining halls.  It was at this time that Head Coach Jason Lemieux was awarded the EISA Nordic Coach of the Year.  He was one of four coaches nominated for the prestigious accomplishment.  In a short, sweet, and selfless speech, Jason stated that “behind all of these awards are really talented athletes, and a really good Assistant Coach”.

The man, the myth, the legend.
I’m so proud of Jason, and our Nordic team.  He is the driving force behind our current success.  His positive attitude, focus, and contagious motivation to succeed are catapulting Williams College to the forefront of a very competitive Nordic field.  Our team is that of highly-academic, determined, and down right gritty student-athletes, and we show no sign of slowing down.

I fully believe, that if we work as hard as we can, and push our athletes to work harder, and strive for more, that we will continue to succeed.  It is because of Jason’s zealous attitude toward his job, that I continue to fight for more.  I knew he would win this award because I know I’m not the only coach in this league that feels the same way I do.  He was most deserving of this accomplishment.

With that being said, the Eph’s had a great final weekend of racing.  The men skied first on Saturday, with Jordan Fields skiing an excellent race for 11th place.  Eli Hoenig finished 13th place, and Freshman Braden Becker was our third scorer in 20th place.  Junior Hannah Cole, skied her best skate race of the season finishing 16th overall.  Hannah Benson was our second finisher in 28th place, and Sarah Becker rounded out our scorers with a 30th place finish.

Jordan Fields rippin!

Eli Hoenig getting aggressive!

Braden Becker getting after it!

HC is ferocious!

Hannah Benson sprinting to the finish!

Sarah Becker skiing into the top 30!
On Sunday, our men’s team continued to show their depth and prowess with five in the top 17.  But the highlight was Junior Eli Hoenig sprinting for the win, only to be bested by two inches at the line.  Jack finished with an 11th place, and Braden was our third scorer in 12th.  The ladies also skied a gutsy race with Hannah Benson finishing in 15th place, Junior Tsaina Mahlen in 21st, and Hannah Cole right behind her in 22nd.  At the end of the day, Eli garnered a spot on the First Team All-East, and Jack to the Second Team All-East – Rather, Jack was robbed of his spot on the All-East team by a mishap in point calculations.  He was awarded the spot later in the week.

Eli sprinting for the win!
Jack with Braden and Jordan not far behind!
Jordan leading Braden and Nick up the A-climb, with Coach Perry screaming at 'em!!
Hannah Benson is focused!
Tsaina getting cheered on by Rebecca!
Hannah Cole - Look at that technique!!
Eli on the podium at Regional Championships!!
Jason and I are currently in Steamboat Springs, Colorado with our two NCAA qualifiers, Eli and Jack.  Travelling went smoothly, and all our skis and gear made it safe and sound.  We previewed the course yesterday with a super easy skate ski – the air out here at 7000ft is thin!  Despite a few rain showers yesterday afternoon, the snow is holding up well – they have about a two-foot base.  We awoke this morning to a couple inches of fresh powder before Jack and Eli classic TT’d around the 5k race loop – they are looking fast!

Watching World Cup at the airport.
Caught 'em!
Playing catch while Jason gets the rental car...
Not too bad...
Gotta stay hydrated at 7000ft!
SOOO much fun!
Sun's out, gun's out!!
Eli and Jack crushed dinner last night!!
Huge congrats to Freshman Nick Gardner, who crushed the first race at Junior Nationals this morning!!

A Chill Weekend in Quebec

This past weekend, Hannah, Sonya and I roadtripped up to Quebec for a very chill, relaxed weekend of nonchalant World Cup watching. After a mostly smooth eight hour drive on Thursday evening, we arrived at our hotel (courtesy of my parents), and a fresh 16 inches of snow in the streets of Old Quebec. Needless to say, we had a pretty indifferent reaction to the scene, thanks to the boundless amounts of snow we have received in Williamstown this winter.

Sonya on a snowbank
Like the true Williams students we are, we spent the whole next morning working, since going on this great Canadian adventure was not the most academically smart decision. However, we were well rewarded in the afternoon when we somehow were able to ski on the World Cup race courses while all the athletes were warming up/cooling down for their sprint qualifiers. We absolutely did not lose our cool when Alex Harvey skied right by us, and very casually listened in on Sundby chatting about his training philosophy. Two things we learned:

1. "I have so much to learn from others."

2. "I don't train very very hard right before the season starts."

Noted, Sundby, thank you.

Yay, vacation!
Fabulous skiing on the World Cup courses
The rest of the afternoon was spent in glorious sunshine proudly sporting red, white, and blue glitter and American flags, yelling our hearts out for the likes of Johaug and Northug and all our favorite American skiers. Just, you know, a normal weekend. We also enjoyed seeing friends from the EISA circuit and several Williams alums. Seriously, there were so many Americans there, the crowd was pretty similar to that of an Eastern Cup (just wayyy more excited).

Watching the finals with some of our favorite alums/honorary alums
Proud to be Americans! The Quebecois told us that our team was very good
The next day we apathetically skied at MSA, where the snowbanks were eight feet high (this is not and exaggeration). Obviously we've had our fair share of perfect tracks and extra blue skiing this winter, so we were able to contain our excitement. We again spent the afternoon back in the city, where we watched Harvey sprint past Sundby at the finish (the Quebecois were so pumped), and had a prime course-side position to watch Jessie and Sadie crush their way to top tens in the pursuit. We were very proud to have been within 5 feet of Therese Johaug. As you can imagine we were cool, composed and collected the whole time.

The venue

Right next to the course! We were allowed to go inside the fencing, which confirmed that security at World Cups is officially more lax than crossing guards at carnivals (there were no crossing guards at some of the crossing places).
Falla on the last hill
Ustiugov, the tour leader from Russia
Sundby and Harvey working together
Northug on his way to second

Final thoughts about the weekend: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO AWESOME AAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excuse the outpouring of emotion, I tried to keep it contained. Anyways, for all you ski fans out there, World Cup watching is 100% an amazing experience and was totally worth the long drive from Williamstown. 10/10, would recommend.