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Friday, October 13, 2017

First Edit Up

Check out the first edit of the year that gives you a preview of the early fall training:

Thursday, October 12, 2017

First Blog Post!!!

I’ve been looking forward to posting on the fabled blog since I discovered it last fall (and read at least the last two years), but now that it’s my turn I have very little material.

Freshman fall has been great so far: classes, captains practices, and the wonderful humidity.

Last week we started official practice, which means that we have laundry, and almost as importantly, coaches (just kidding, having coaches is great: they tell me all of the many things that are wrong with my technique, they drive us to cool places, and they’re pretty cool people too).

I did manage to take a couple pictures of our workouts last week.
Schrupp and Connie having fun at the top of Petersburg

Double poling is hard

Franklin enjoying our ski up Greylock

It’s starting to feel like fall here. Last week I actually had to put on a jacket. Only five more weeks till snow!

I would like to end this post with an inspirational quote from Braden Becker: “Winning is fun, the process is not fun.”


Franklin forgot a blogpost title...

Our mighty captain Schrupp shows off his skills with the great team shirts he made. Thanks Jack!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Freshman Sans Franklin Spotted Eating Dinner Together in Mission Park

I felt way too much like a mom, but this photo had to be taken. 

In other new, fall has arrived! The humidity-averse among us have been enjoying the sensation of not sweating every time we step outside, and the iconic Carhartt vest has begun popping up around campus. On our Sunday distance ski I couldn't feel my fingers for a solid 20 minutes and though obviously I embraced the chance to complain, I was secretly overcome with excitement for winter and the many joyful days of frigid fingies that are fast approaching. 
Boy oh boy am I excited for these trees to turn.

Slacking hard or hardly slacking?

Lots of love,

Sunday, October 1, 2017

For the record . . . On Friday September 29, 2017 the Williams Men's Nordic Ski Team stole the legendary T-Bear from the Williams Cross Country Team. It was a historic moment, despite the fact that the Cross Country Team conducted a home invasion minutes later and stole it back. Shout out to Braden Becker and the boys of 23 Thomas St. for putting up a good fight. This is far from over. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Taconic Crests and Double Pole Tests

Fall has arrived! Or so the calendar says... The month of September has been quite warm here in Williamstown, but everyone seems to be keeping their cool more or less! It's been great to see everyone again and to begin to get to know the wonderful freshman- what a lovely group of people. This past week we worked hard, sweated harder, and of course had some great views and good fun!

This is a Driscoll version of my latest brunch concoction that I came up with this summer with the encouragement of the fabulous Carmen Bango. Yes, I put vinegar on fruit. And yes, the eggs tasted great with it. 

The classic Taconic Crest–RRR run vista
The legendary field where Sonya began counting all the goldenrods in Williamstown for her research this summer. She's either still counting or has yet to reveal the number- we may never know. 

Ingrid and I enjoying a good ol mid-frolic selfie. 

Nothing like a good double pole test to brighten the week! Here's Dylan tearing it up. 

Sonya crushing it per usual.

Nick eyeing the finish. 

Captain Becker flying up the big hill.

Captain Schrupp hammering. 

Maggie slaying her first Williams double pole test!

Franklin giving it his all!

Henry getting after it!

Andrew also killing it! Go freshmen!
(Although Big Safety would like to point of the absence of his helmet?? Maybe he just enjoys the extra resistance of the wind going through his hair... We'll keep an eye on it)
Ivy showing us her best game face. Watch out.

All smiles afterwards! Shout out to the one and only Jack Consenstein for the great photos!

The start of the season is fast approaching and the Ephs are looking like a strong bunch! I'm excited for this year!  

Rock the cow!!