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Saturday, December 16, 2017


This fall has gone by so fast, it's hard to believe that it's already winter and there is snow on the ground. The days of getting lost in the gym (and everywhere else) are behind us (somewhat) as are one whole semester of classes!

Even more surprising was how amazing Prospect was this week!

The transformation this week was pretty incredible. This is the lodge from our running/bounding workout two weeks ago:

This is the lodge on Thursday:

The timing shack looking good with tons of snow around it!

Skiing! The conditions were great, especially after a couple more inches on Wednesday night and another round of grooming.

The race loop looking spectacular. In other news, the A climb is still huge, and Nick Gardner still declared the course double-pole-able. No word yet on what Braden Becker plans on doing; according to unsubstantiated rumors he was spotted running the course on snowshoes with poles.

 Williamstown got some snow too, and some of the hardworking students took a well earned break to build a fort out in front of Paresky.

I'm currently sitting in the Albany airport, waiting for my flight. I've only been here for five hours, and I don't have long to go! Excited to be home in Colorado for a couple of days (although I'll miss the snow), and even more excited to be back East for camp in Quebec next week!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Carr "the legend" pulls a turkey out of thin air

Hello sports fans.
Bringing you the noteworthy sports highlights in realtime.

Evan "The Linguini Slinger" Carr just bowled a turkey (thats three strikes in a row) closing out ten frames with an earth shattering 104 points and putting in a strong bid for MVP all within one week of arriving on Williamstown. We're excited to see what he can do this season, and hoping he can share some of the secrets he learned in Namibia.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017

My Talented Friends

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing how talented my friends!  Not only are they fast skiers, they are also talented artists and dancers.

Nick with his prints.  He made the bottom one, a self portrait, and the one on the right, a toast to Minnesota.  I guess this is where he was all those Saturday nights.

Jack with his photographs taken in Pittsfield.

Elowyn groovin' in her Ritmo performance.

A fabulous turn.

She rocked two numbers and even tried her hand at choreography.

Elowyn and a proud friend Lucy.

It hasn't started to snow yet but I heard there might be some powder tomorrow.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

How much longer can I put off this paper: a photojournal

It has been an event filled couple of days. I'm afraid I've been having too much fun for the amount of work I have, but so it goes. As soon as I finish writing this blog post I should probably start engaging in the serious business of final papers. To be fair, it's a little bit hard to concentrate with all the new snow (!!) on  the ground that I just want to go and play in so so badly. Soon, though. Soon it will all be over and I will be home with my dog in front of a wood stove reading books that I will never have to write a paper on.

What has been going on with the ski team you may ask? Time trials, Evan Carr's return from Namibia, and the first snow have all come and gone. Unfortunately my phone has been out of storage and unable to take any photos for about a month, so the photo documentation is woefully lacking. However, Ingrid is a goddess and lent me her phone to take some photos of our annual Yankee Gift Swap (White Elephant to those unfamiliar with nonsensical East Coast lingo) last night. I think I captured some great moments, so I'll let the images do the talking.

Franklin apparently does not respond well when people say "smile"

Best sweater award goes to Ingrid. Maggie wins best combination of velvet and stripes

Best wrapping job goes to Henry for his creative, yet understated, plastic ziploc bag

Lucy teaching the younger generation a thing or two about the Ukulele Arts

D-man showing the frosh who's boss

HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see you over there
A little mistletoe can go a long way

Red velvet crew. Making Sonya proud. 

Thank you to the Lemioux family for generously hosting another year of festivities!!
Gift swap was good to Andy

Connie seems to have fallen for the classic "bridge that looks like a bridge but isn't actually a bridge" ruse on our romp around the golf course this morning. 
There are only about 20 pages of writing between me and the beautiful ski trails of home, so I should probably start chugging along. Thanks blog-world for indulging me. I hope everyone's holiday's are full of joy and glorious, fluffy snow!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

Reindogs, Reingoats, Reinpony's but No Reindeer


Last year I unfortunately missed the annual spectacle known as the Reindog Festival. This year I made sure I got to experience what some would probably consider a Christmas and dog lovers dream.

Here are a couple photos that sum up most of the event this year! 

A tribute to Eli Hoening and Speeder 

Its almost the holidays, one more week of classes to go! 


Today the team had a great bounding session at Prospect. It was awesome to be on the ski trails and to show the freshman class around. Not to be outdone by Craftsbury Prospect had a little excavation going on today with a big widening project on Andy's. Getting ready for our Carnival Races this February 5/10K Classic and Skate Sprints are going to be AWESOME!
Andy's Climb  WAY WIDER now!

A view from the bottom of Andy's

Working on the trails and work getting done!

Positive changes to the trails
and Carmen and Sonya with
positive shin angle!