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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Middlebury Carnival

Some great racing this past weekend at Middlebury Carnival!  As a team we were 2nd for the entire weekend, behind only Dartmouth!  Many personal bests, and it was great to see Jordan Fields in 4th in the 20k skate, as well as Hannah Cole in 10th, and Hannah Benson in 12th.  I think we all thought at one point that we would put two men on the podium after Eli and Jordan went off the front, half way through the men's 20k skate, which was super excited and promising for the future!

Hannah Benson in the lead pack during the women's 15k skate - She finished 12th!
Hannah Cole skiing to 10th place!

Tsaina cracked the top 30 for 29th place!
Post race hugs and congrats!
Start of the men's 20k.
Eli and Jordan leading the race!
Braden skied a gutsy race for 10th place.
Eli, Jordan, and Braden went off the front right after the half way point! Jordan finished 4th and Eli 5th.
Great skiing from these two during the women's 15k Skate!
Hannah Cole during the women's team sprint relay.
Hannah Benson and Ingrid giving the coaches feedback on their skis.
Sarah Becker skiing in the team sprint B-final
Tsaina striding through the lap during the team sprint B-final.
Conditions changed fast between the women's race and the men's, and most men decided to double pole - including Eli and Braden.
Braden anchored our first men's team to 2nd place!

Jack Schrupp and Luke Costley led our 2nd men's team to 6th place

Eli tagged Braden with a decent lead going into the final lap.
Jordan tags Nick Gardner during the men's B-final.

Nick with a healthy lead!

Nick and Jordan handily won the B-final for an 11th place overall finish.

Hannah Cole back in the top 10!

Three boys in the top 10 on Friday!

Second place podium in the team sprint!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Faces of Perry

Hello Eph Fans! The ski season is flying by. We've had our heads down getting into a rhythm and have been having success achieving unprecedented results. I just tallied up the "on snow" team practices so far this season and it's already at 75 sessions. WOW. With all the excitement and the weeks ticking by I decided it's time for this post. Perry Thomas has been a huge part of our success over the past 3 seasons. He is always up for ridiculously long work days, re-waxing our 13 ski test fleet EVERY WEEK, absurd race ski waxing sessions into the early morning ours, long drives, early mornings etc, etc. I'm pretty demanding and usually he's able to do it with a "smile". I've gotten used to the many "Faces of Perry" over the years, but feel like it's time to share a few of them with the rest of the Eph Nordic Skiing world. Plus I know that many of his BNSC athletes are going to love this post. Sorry Perry, had to do it!

The Man Himself pre TT at MSA

Lucky Charms?

Definitely not lucky charms
Odds are I eat these?

Finding "snow" in Woodford..
wait, maybe this is Notchview

Yup, lost odds are again

Wax Truck

Banquet Time

So, am I going to die tubing
down this ski jump?

Yup. Lost Odds are again

MSA Bliss

Banquet Time again

All American? Yup!
Sunburned? Yup!
Corwin? Yup!

I hate flying

Anyway, thanks Perry for all of your hard work over the past 3 season, for your friendship....and for your many FACES!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Winter Wonderland

It was quite the snowy drive getting up to Craftsbury last weekend, but we finally made it and now have plenty of snow. It was a great weekend of fast racing, Carni Crushes, and beautiful, snowy skis! Here are some highlights:

After a lot of spinning wheels and teammates pushing, Jordan successfully drove the truck out of the deep snow.
Better a whitewash than no snow at all!

Elowyn is amped for the single-digit temps during Friday's 5k skate relay

Happy Hannahs!

Carmen loves the applesauce! 

Hugs all around

Post-race smiles

Evan, Elowyn, and Jack having some fun at the top of Mountain Trail on Sunday's snowy OD
"This is the most wintery thing I have ever done." -Elowyn

Ivy approves of the fresh snow!

Ivy part 2: loving the beautiful weather at Prospect on Tuesday!

It was beautiful indeed!
The team is excited to rip it up at Middlebury this weekend! Rock the cow!


Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Post-grad in CO, Part 2

Corwin told me it was my turn to post an update from the Colorado alumni, so here goes...

While our skimo racing career has been illustrious (ha!), we figured it was high time we test our mettle on the ol' skinny skis. I did a 30k classic last month (with fellow alumni Hannah and Robby!), but this past weekend we tackled a 20k skate. Unlike the East Coast, we've been met with some warm and snow-less weather as of late, so it was a bit of a slushy/icy affair.  Luckily our time on the EISA circuit prepared us well, and we found some success mixing it up with Summit County's finest master's racers: Corwin landed in 6th, and I found the podium in 2nd in the ever-meager women's field. As Ben aptly reminded me, "you didn't have to race two Olympians, okay??", referencing his notable competitors Brian Gregg and local nordic-combined celebrity Matt Dayton.  Luckily, after removing the top-3 overall, Ben landed at the top of the podium for the men's 20-29 category.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Collecting the shwag
In true Weekend Warrior fashion, we headed to the hills for a post-race backcountry ski. Mayflower Gulch lived up to its reputation by magically holding powder while everything nearby has turned into mashed potatoes/fro-yo/softened butter.  We managed one (very slow) lap before collapsing into a coffee shop to crank out some work/homework.
Funky avalanche conditions, so this is about as close as we got to that cornice

Post-race skinning: 3/10 maybe wouldn't recommend to a friend
Anyways, congrats on a stellar season so far, and keep up the good work!