Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trail Work at Prospect

Bud and I traveled up to Prospect today.  They are currently hard at work on the new homologated 5k course.  New culverts are being put in place for optimal drainage.  New trails are being cut.  Current trails are being widened and smoothed out.  We are going to have some killer skiing at Prospect!  I'm really impressed with all the work that's being done, and excited to ski on the new trails this winter.

Looking up the screamin' decent into the stadium.

Banked corner going into final decent.

Drainage, drainage, drainage!

Working new trail.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

First week of practice

The first week of practice is in the bank.  The team worked hard, and did a great job of transitioning into a tough week of training accompanied by class and school obligations.  Monday, Jason and I ran everyone through some skate agility, which the team then followed up with a fun game of soccer.  Tuesday, we brought the team to some new pavement, where they crushed some threshold skate intervals, and wednesday was a distance double-pole ski.

The women skiing through the one-legged slalom.

Jason leading the men through the slalom course.

On Thursday, we decided to hit it hard with some L4 bounding at the notorious Sheep Hill.
Luke leading Eli, myself, Jordan, and Hans with the women right behind us!

Men and women hammerin'!

In a world of pain, amidst the changing leaves.

Tsaina, Eliza, Sarah B., Hannah B., Kristin, and Olivia - Happy cool down jog!

We took it easy Friday with a run/ski combo.
Jack Schrupp a.k.a. "Joey Fresh"

Women - Stridin and glidin!

Men - Double-poling through the colors!

Team - Switching classic roller skis to running.

Happy weekend!  Get outside and enjoy the foliage!


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gotta get fit somehow!!

The bar has been set!

Coach and I busted out the Canadian Strength test, followed by the Pine Cobble hill climb this morning.  Let's just say, I'm pretty sure we won't be able to fit through traditional doorways because our arms are so big after doing the strength test, and our lungs just about exploded at the top of Pine Cobble...Soooo it was pretty awesome!

The Team starts official practice tomorrow, and we are SO excited!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ski team does good things

On Wednesday the crew split in two to help out with the Greylock A Better Chance tag sale. Technically an off day, but we put in a good sweat effort hauling boxes, racks of clothes, and tables around the Congo church for ABC's biggest fundraiser of the year. 

Signing in for one of the wallet-emptying perks of volunteering: early tag sale access. If you see any weird fashions on here, chances are good they probably came from the tag sale. 
Wonder what the heart rate monitor says about the stair climbing workout... 
All before a beautiful sunset and dinner outside. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Greetings and Welcome!!


The students have returned, and campus is hoppin!  My name is Perry Thomas and I am the new Assistant Nordic coach here at Williams.  I must say, I'm pretty excited to be joining the Eph community.  I moved into the faculty housing on Pine Cobble a week ago, and everyday I am more and more impressed.  The facilities are great, the scenery is beautiful, and the people are awesome!  I'm looking forward to an amazing year.

Student's have been coming in and out of the office, looking fit, sounding positive, and ready for new adventures and the coming ski season.  Jason, Kelsey, Zach, and I have been crazy busy preparing for the new school year, and we are excited to get the ball rolling.  It sounds like everyone had a great summer, and I am super pumped to see how fit everyone is!  Stay tuned!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Spring/ Summer Skiing in the NNW

I was back living back in Seattle for the summer, climbing and skiing glaciers, rollerskiing on sub-par streets and overcrowded bike and walking paths, and working full-time + at a mutual company. Said company is probably the right fit, as 'we are a lot like you, a little different.'
But on weekends Seattle is a bit too small, so I was out every weekend and some weekdays to go skiing, trail running, or climbing in our mountains. Here are a few pics from three recent ski trips, runs, and rollerskis, ranging from skinning out of the parking lot in the sun to hiking uphill in boots to ski a 4.5k vertical foot run in corn to skiing fresh snow in the rain in a whiteout at 10.5k vertical feet on Rainier. Still no reason to put the skis away... 
The craft special tights make a brief appearance before the freezing rain/ snow started again. 

Lots of tents on Rainier

The Cold Springs fire burned through Mt. Adams area in 2012. 

Sunset from 9500 feet on Adams. The Bend crew will be up in a few weeks and should be giving an update as well. 

Camp on the other side of Rainier (there's a lot climbing and skiing to be had)

Traffic jam

I tried to get a tan. Not sure if it worked or not. 

Awesome long trail run in Robson, BC without a camera, so I came back the next day with one. 

Remarkably undercrowded day rollerskiing around Greenlake. Pretty sure I'm the only one left rollerskiing Monday evenings.