Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Greetings and Welcome!!


The students have returned, and campus is hoppin!  My name is Perry Thomas and I am the new Assistant Nordic coach here at Williams.  I must say, I'm pretty excited to be joining the Eph community.  I moved into the faculty housing on Pine Cobble a week ago, and everyday I am more and more impressed.  The facilities are great, the scenery is beautiful, and the people are awesome!  I'm looking forward to an amazing year.

Student's have been coming in and out of the office, looking fit, sounding positive, and ready for new adventures and the coming ski season.  Jason, Kelsey, Zach, and I have been crazy busy preparing for the new school year, and we are excited to get the ball rolling.  It sounds like everyone had a great summer, and I am super pumped to see how fit everyone is!  Stay tuned!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Spring/ Summer Skiing in the NNW

I was back living back in Seattle for the summer, climbing and skiing glaciers, rollerskiing on sub-par streets and overcrowded bike and walking paths, and working full-time + at a mutual company. Said company is probably the right fit, as 'we are a lot like you, a little different.'
But on weekends Seattle is a bit too small, so I was out every weekend and some weekdays to go skiing, trail running, or climbing in our mountains. Here are a few pics from three recent ski trips, runs, and rollerskis, ranging from skinning out of the parking lot in the sun to hiking uphill in boots to ski a 4.5k vertical foot run in corn to skiing fresh snow in the rain in a whiteout at 10.5k vertical feet on Rainier. Still no reason to put the skis away... 
The craft special tights make a brief appearance before the freezing rain/ snow started again. 

Lots of tents on Rainier

The Cold Springs fire burned through Mt. Adams area in 2012. 

Sunset from 9500 feet on Adams. The Bend crew will be up in a few weeks and should be giving an update as well. 

Camp on the other side of Rainier (there's a lot climbing and skiing to be had)

Traffic jam

I tried to get a tan. Not sure if it worked or not. 

Awesome long trail run in Robson, BC without a camera, so I came back the next day with one. 

Remarkably undercrowded day rollerskiing around Greenlake. Pretty sure I'm the only one left rollerskiing Monday evenings.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Adventures

Eph Nation!

It has been a glorious summer for this captain.  Lots of training and time with friends with some geology and travel mixed in...perfect recipe for a good time.  In June I was cruising around the West training and visiting some old friends in cool places, then did geology field work in the mountains outside of Boulder, CO all of July.  Won't bore you too much with words, so enjoy some images from my last few months!
Got to ride the bike a bit in Boise with the dads early on

Solid krew on top of Mt. Cobb in the Pioneer range outside of Sun Valley
Lots of snow--11650 feet!
Lake Tahoe from the top of Squaw, post-OD

Vic loving the trails in Fruita, CO.  All time riding!

On top of Navaho Peak-13000 something feet tall

Not a shabby view from the office this summer!

Fire and flood outside of Boulder-what my thesis is about

Sick statue of a bear fighting some eagles in Montrose, CO

Now I am back in Williamstown watching all the freshmen walk confused around campus, I have been here working on my thesis and training for the past few weeks.  It has been beautiful weather out East this month and I am psyched to see all the boys (and girls) again!  Stoked to hear about peoples summers and see if they actually have been training.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Southern Hemisphere Winter

Since the all the freshman guys were going to Bend for the summer, all of the Juniors decided to go to New Zealand for a semester abroad during the summer and early fall. New England winters just aren't long enough, so we (all one of us) decided to head down south for a another round of cold weather. The flights down to the southwest Pacific were long--it turns out the world is quite large--but I can unequivocally say that the scenery is worth it. The first weekend I was here, I made the trek up to the Southern Alps with some of the other skiers dedicated or unreasonable enough to bring their skis to the far side of the world and sampled the trails at the Snow Farm, home to some USST summer camps and literally the only nordic area in New Zealand as far as I can tell. Every time we rounded a corner, a new line of mountains marched up into the ski with another glimpse of snow. The final ascent to snow farm was, characteristically, wild. The road was by far the sketchiest dirt road with hairpin turns falling steeply away to the valley floor that I had ever driven. The skiing at Snow Farm was even better than I had expected. Coming from east coast summer, I would have been happy with something comparable to Craftsbury's early season 1km gerbil track. Instead the area had more than 15km open and even more that was covered, but ungroomed. Some might say conditions were "pretty dope."

The road to Snow Farm. Guardrails and public safety are for the weak
Early mornings on the farm
getting back in the swing of things with some no poles
My flatmate Morgan (SLU Ski Team)

The stadium at Snow Farm.
real men ski shirtless in July 
Since I've seen the Lord of the Rings, the longest commercial for NZ tourism ever made, I expected New Zealand to have some pretty landscapes. What I didn't realize is that all of New Zealand looks that beautiful. By my estimate, the land mass of New Zealand is comprised of roughly 95% awesome and 5% sheep. Every time I turn around, there is something majestic that is covered in sheep. I can run from the beach, along the cliff tops, up through the jungle, into something that resembles alpine meadow, and be back at my flat in time for dinner. 

Middle Earth is pretty cool
For all the geologists out there, I've seen a petrified forest, enormous concretions, and more basalt with columnar jointing than you could shake a rock hammer at. For the rest of you, the rocks are really cool.
Moraeki Boulders. 

chilling with my penguin homie

Petrified forest at Curio Bay
Morgan at Curio Bay
Next weekend we're headed up to Snow Farm for some FIS races. It should be a great time and some solid (very) early season races. Whatever happens, I'll be skiing. Hope you're all killing the training, tanning, and time off from school (sorry I got really committed to that alliteration), and I'm already stoked to see you guys in November.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Freshman Go to Bend

Since May 30th, when Jordan first arrived in Bend, the stoke level amongst the freshman boys has been off the charts.  Jordan and Luke were the first ones to live in our garage, turned office space turned apartment. Hans and Eli joined soon after. In addition to the Williams boys, Jack Hegman (UVM), Jeff Tucker (Colby), Asbjørn Eriknaue (Denmark), and Ben Hegman (UVM) have all been, at some point or another, living in the four car garage. It only has one bathroom so the mornings can be hectic. Here are some pictures from our adventures:
 When Luke and Jordan were just settling in, the forest caught fire and they had to evacuate. They stayed with Molly and Adam Carroll (Adam's a Williams alumn). Through the Carrolls, we quickly entered the inner circles of the adult/children under ten Bend social scene. 

 The boys watching a kayak race. 
Luke, Hans and Eli climbing up to Broken Top Mountain. They skied down.
 Hans and Jordan representing the canyon of destiny.
 Jordan levitating above Crater Lake.
 Eli diving into the highest lake in Oregon on South Sister (Elev. 10,355 ft). According to Jordan's guess it was 34.1 degrees Fahrenheit.
 Jack shredding through the burn zone
 Eli flexing his abs on top of South Sister.
 Jordan's van in Lava Beds National Monument in Nor Cal. Too artsy to handle.
Jeff Tucker exploring the deep lava tubes.
The boys on the flank of Mt. Adams in Southern Washington. Missing you Lukey!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

2014-2015 Schedule

In the right hand column you'll find dates for the 2014-2015 race season. Distances and events are still being finalized, but here's your chance to get a jump on hotel reservations!

  • DEC 28-JAN 4 - Quebec Training Camp - Mont Sainte Anne -
  • JAN 16/17 - Bates Carnival - Black Mountain
  • JAN 23/24 - UVM Carnival - Trapp Family Lodge
  • JAN 30/31 - St. Michael's Carnival - Sleepy Hollow
  • FEB 6/7 - Dartmouth Carnival/Supertour - Craftsbury
  • FEB 14/15 - Middlebury Carnival - Rikert Touring Center
  • FEB 27/28 - St. Lawrence Carnival - Mt. Van Hoevenberg
  • MAR 11-14 - NCAA Championships - Mt. Van Hoevenberg - 5/10KM SK, 15/20KM CL MASS

The fit kit for the new Podiumwear suits finally arrived yesterday. XS Men's suit anyone?

Jayvin thinks the XS is still a little big

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lillehammer Soccer

Another Norway picture. Quite the save by senior captain Isaac Hoenig during the big shootout. We skied down to Lillehammer and saw this field below the ski jumps on our walk to town (notice the hockey rinks in background)!