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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Williams Winter Carnival!

We are now done with our most important race of the season, the home carnival up at Prospect!  It was a wild couple of weeks preparing for the event.  We started with having a solid idea that we were going to probably have to move it to Craftsbury based on snow conditions two weeks out.  Just before the Dartmouth Carnival we received nearly 18 inches of new snow and had the best conditions at Prospect of the entire year.  We made the decision to host the carnival at Prospect, and then mother nature decided to play a prank on us and turn the thermostat up a couple of notches.  We had a pretty big meltdown on the Thursday before the races were to begin and had less than ideal racing conditions.  Even with mother nature throwing a wrench into our plans, the hard work from Steve and all the volunteers helped us to pull off two challenging and fair races!

The classic races on Friday were among some of our best the entire season.  The Purple Cows managed to put 3 guys in the top 25 and 2 girls in the top 20.  Shoutout to our very own Lucy Alexander who was proud to make it on page 1 of the results in 33rd place!  Day 2 was an interesting event for everyone as we were not able to hold the planned sprint races.  Instead we put on a very flat, and very fast 3.8km prologue that challenged everyone to push it to 110%!  There were some great results from both the mens and the womens team.

Below are some photos/videos from stuff around the carnival.  Being pretty busy with waxing/coaching I don't have many from the actual races, but from the days leading up to the event and afterwards.

Team skiing together after an awesome race prep workout on Tuesday.

Conditions on Wednesday were nothing but spectacular!

Conditions race morning were less spectacular...
Parents were even chipping in a hand to help get the courses race ready!

A very happy womens carnival team (+ Franklin and Jason)

Womens team happy to be on a wonderful Sunday OD ski.  Note all of the new snow in the background!
Only one more Carnival left for the team this season!  "Last one, fast one." - Dominic Toretto

Eph Spotlight - Captain Sarah Becker!

Click on the link below for an Eph Spotlight for our senior captain Sarah Becker:

Sarah Becker Eph Spotlight

Monday, February 12, 2018

Winter Olympics!

As many of you may know, the glorious time of Winter Study has come to an end and thus we are back in the time of being surprised at how dark it is outside when you ascend out of the depths of Schow (you were only in there for 4 hours!), of freshmen no longer being able to exist solely in Mission, and of long lines at normal eating times at dining halls (avoid Paresky at 12:35 at all costs).

But the start of February has come with at least one good thing (no, not Groundhog's day, though Punxutawney Phil is a cutie): The Winter Olympics!

Cross-country skiers tend to bemoan the lack of attention and understanding surrounding our sport in the general public, but it seems the mass media outlets are actually paying a bit of attention to us and our skinny skis.

For example, the New York Times magazine recently published "What Cross-Country Skiing Reveals about the Human Condition." Despite being beautifully written and illustrated, the piece seems to be written by someone who is a bit confused about the sport. Though I'll give him due credit for highlighting our "huge, beleaguered thighs," I'd like to point out that,

1.) We're half-time dorks and accordingly we only wear helmets in the summertime when sharing the asphalt with motor vehicles.

Keeping the noggin safe

2.) We don't wear goggles because the real-estate on our faces is taken up by Oakley's latest iteration of wearable solar panels.

Contact Alex Harvey to get your very own pair!

3.) Unless the curlers are using torches to prepare their brooms, we can't possibly be "the least pyrotechnic"major Olympic sport out there.

Jeremy testing out the new wax torch

4.) Finally, as Carmen said, "But skiing is fun!" (See below for photographic evidence.)

Lucy and Isabel thoroughly enjoying waxing

Smiling after finishing a grueling 10k at St. Mike's

Carmen having the time of her life skiing to her first top-ten finish

Ivy tackling the big hill at Craftsbury

Sarah showing em how it's done

Elowyn digging deep and having fun

Cheering for the boys and their beleaguered thighs at the Craftsbury 20k

Throwback to winter break in MN, skiing at the prestigious Hyland Park

Thanks for tuning in and be sure to wear your pajamas inside out tonight so it's cold enough that we can host our home carnival at Prospect!

Eph Spotlight - Our Very Own Nick Gardner!

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Nick Gardner Eph Spotlight

Monday, February 5, 2018

Monday, January 29, 2018

The team spent this past weekend at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center where we competed in two SuperTour races. As always, we were well fed and cared for. Here is a photo of me (for all of my fans) from the men's 10k skate. See you next weekend (back at Craftsbury) for the UVM Carnival!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

More Photos from the First Two Weekends

Hey sports fans!  We have had an exciting two weekends of racing and waiting to race.  I have loved getting out on the road, watching my teammates really go for it, and putting everything out on the line.  We enjoyed two nights of delicious pizza this weekend and gorging ourselves on the food table.  Thank you to the parents for the nourishment and great cheering these past two weekends.  I am so pumped for the rest of the season!  The women tied for fourth with SLU on Sunday and are close to our goal of a third place team carnival finish.

Carmen posing with the purple cow on the truck after her first top ten finish in the 10k skate!!  We are looking forward to many more.

Nick with a top ten as well getting ready to throw a snowball.  Watch out Perry!

My good friend and teammate Lucy!

Just silly food table things.  Luckily it was warm out so Elowyn's tongue didn't get frozen to Lucy.

2/3 of the Freshman class.  We are looking forward to Emil, Maggie, and Andrew's colligate debut this upcoming weekend.

Another member of the freshman class.

Two fine Mid-A men.

Look, they even are super helpful!

Elowyn loves dinner.

Hi Franklin!

All smiles

Ivy and Evan

Even though the race was cancelled last weekend, the bibs were still put to good use.

Peek a boo!

"Does this make my head look small?"-Elowyn

Cheering for the Skate 5k at Colby.

This weekend we travel to the Supertour at Craftsbury for the classic sprint and skate 5k.  We are praying for snow and no rain.