Thursday, November 26, 2015

What we love about the ski team

After a few months on the ski team I have found many many things that make me love the ski team. People work hard, are motivated, are supportive, are goofy and so many other great things. So I decided to ask some other people what they love about the team. Some responses were omitted due to insincerity and/or technical difficulties.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Another great week to be a Eph...

The team is getting excited for the season, and everybody is bringing that excitement to practice which has made for some sweet workouts and a lot fun being had.
It was a pretty tough week for me with three papers and a midterm so it was sweet to be able to count on a daily team dinner to laugh and have a good time. Here's Jack, Luke and Braden enjoying Driscoll's bountiful plenty.

Big intensity for the team this past week. On Tuesday the team did some L4 bounding intervals up Petersburg road. Then, this weekend we had race weekend simulation with a skate sprint Saturday morning and a classic 15k race for the men Sunday.

After a series of head to head competitions, prologue winner Jack found himself in the A Final against Eli, who was hungry for the win. At the end of the day, Eli's lightning fast tempo brought him across the finish line ahead of Jack, and I was on scene after the final to get the winner's thoughts. 


Also managed to catch a few words from second on the day, Jack.


Here's the team getting ready to cool down after the Sprints.

Jack helping Evan recover for the the 15k at lunch after the sprints

The 15k interval start provided its own drama as Jordan's powerful striding up the final climb gave him the win over Eli who finished 5 seconds back. Alas, no victory interview from Jordan as he and Perry were last seen Sunday doing resistance band drills and shotgunning pizza by the slice. 

But here are a couple shots Perry managed to get at the start line.

Me representing team camo-tights

Captain Josh with his game face on

Eli tossing the camera a wave before entering the zone

Overall, a solid weekend of time trials for all, and everyone is stoked to have five days off from school to celebrate thanksgiving and on Friday head to Craftsbury camp for the weekend. Craftsbury is bound to be a good time, and while there's no snow there now, we're all hopeful!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Junior Hannah Cole 4th at NCAA Championships

Congrats to Hannah Cole '17 on her 4th place finish today at the NCAA Championships! She led the Williams Women's Team to an NCAA Championship. Great job Hannah!

Friday, November 20, 2015

T-2 Days!


We're 30 minutes away from our departure for Winneconne, Wisconsin which means two things  (I'm now sitting in our Comfort Suites hotel in Wisconsin with access to WIFI!):
NATIONALS are this Saturday and SKIING (for me at least) starts Sunday. I've been incredibly impressed by the energy, enthusiasm, and hard work that I've seen and heard from you all this fall, so am really looking forward to joining you guys full time. That being said, with two days left of the cross country running season, I thought I'd give you a preview of the "big dance."

Both men's and women's teams will be competing this weekend, after securing automatic bids with their first place finishes at the regional championships. For the women: Lacey Serletti ('16), Meg Richardson ('16, alternate), Michelle Buncke ('17), Hannah Cole ('17), Victoria Kingham ('18), Emily Sundquist ('18), Anna Harleen ('18) and Rebecca Delacruz-Gunderson ('18) will race.  For the men, we've got: Bijan Mazaheri ('16), Todd Ford ('16), Kyle Kistinger ('16), Noah Williams ('17), Peter Hale ('17), Ben Decker ('18), Griffin Colazzi ('18) and Liam Simpson ('18, alternate).

According to the USTFCCCA, both men's and women's teams are ranked second overall. The women will be hoping to challenge Johns Hopkins University who have taken first the past three years. UW Eau-Claire is the men's favorite.

Hosted by UW-Oshkosh, the 6km & 8km races will be run at Lake Breeze Golf Club, Winneconne, WI. The weather forecast predicts ~20mph winds and 2-4" of snow, so I'm not sure how much golf green we'll actually be seeing.

Women will race first, starting at 11:00 AM (central time, 12:00 pm EST) and then men will follow at 12:00 PM (1:00 pm EST).
Here's the link to live video of the meet:

UW-Oshkosh also hosted the national meet in 2011. You can read the recaps of the men's and women's performances here and here.
Chiara Del Piccolo takes the individual win in 2011!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Not Yet

Hype is high here in Willytown—the women’s team has put some solid hours this fall and are looking FIT (thanks to our pullup challenge courtesy of new teamie Elowyn) and FLY (thanks to our embrace of the Carhartt vest life).

Elowyn modeling said vests

We just wrapped up a big week of training with three intensity sessions, including an awesome L4 bounding sesh at Jiminy.

Sweaty, post-bounding squad

And finished the week a la tradition with a HUGE workout homecoming morning splishin’ and splashin’ up Pine Cobble, joined by some alums.

Good to see some familiar faces!

Freshman Sonya Jampel looking ready for the Big Splash challenge,

while other team members rolled up not so prepared....

Senior homecoming feels

We made it! 

After a delicious brunch hosted by the Poker crew, it was time for some good, clean homecoming fun, namely dancing ourselves clean to fresh beats care of Jody (with a little help from JBeibs #SORRYnotsorry). 

Happy skiers are homecoming (note the vests)
Photo cred: RebReb

Another solid week in the books—keep your fingers crossed for snow in Craftsbury! 

**As always, many thanks to our supportive coaches and to the boiz aka the “best looking team on campus”.**

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Squad up.

My time has come . . . coach has finally put me in!

While this is a skiing blog, I would like to take time to provide you with a brief overview of our extra curricular activities of late. 


So what have the boys been up to ?

Jason Lemieux was last seen showing his 1 year old son the Schnell shortcuts. 
Perry Thomas was last seen red-lining during a L3 workout. 
Luke Costley was last seen liking all of his Froshs' Facebook posts.
Josh Harrington was last seen being mistaken for the soft underbelly of Driscoll pierogi. 
Evan Carr was last seen ankle deep in Paresky French toast batter.  
Jordan Fields was last seen flipping patties faster than he navigated the Dallas airport in 2012. 
Nick Garder was last seen spitting unsolicited "fire" beats at random freshman girls. 
Braden Becker was last seen trying to dislodge his mountain bike from a tree. 
Hans Halvorsen was last seen "sharing" Braden's social relationships. 
Eli Hoenig was last seen vandalizing the Driscoll bathroom. 
Jack Schrupp was last seen transferring to St. Mikes. 
The women's team was last seen trying to disassociate themselves from the men's team. 
Uncle Mike was last seen ... 

Jokes aside, the men's squad is hungry. We are tuning up for a historic season. Beside good looks, we have depth, guts, and passion for what we do. This year's squad is truly something special. In closing, I would like to thanks the Coaches and the women for a productive fall, go EPHS! 

Now go away.