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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Skiing in June (On a Budget)

After saying goodbye to our seniors at graduation I headed out to Lillehammer for the summer. I'm staying with some other EISA skiers I've trained with for the past few summers. We choose Lillehammer in part because its only 3 hours away from the famous Sognefjellet summer snow fields. We couldn't quite afford staying in the lodge so we decided to camp nearby and cook on our assortment of camp stoves. While tents did not offer the luxury accommodations of the lodge, it did have its perks:

There was about 6k of skiing that was groomed and salted twice a day. The track was surprisingly firm for 80 degree temperatures:

After skiing all day we would reconvene at the campsite for some much needed calories. Sweet potato burritos turned out surprisingly well:

For dessert we had scenery like this:

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hellooo from Idahooo

I'm back in Idaho for the summer and things are beautiful as ever. The mountains are greener than normal thanks to the nonstop rain throughout May that my mom and I got to experience in full force on our drive from Boise. Incoming first year Jenae is also here and it's been awesome training and hanging out with her! Here are some photos:

Ingrid (from Utah), Jenae, and me smiling after a hard day of intervals and strength! Lots of jumping to be had in the new summer lift. 

My new breakfast of choice: waffles with peanut butter and peaches. Not as strange as some of my other concoctions but just as good (who knows, maybe I'll try a sprinkling of rice next time for a tasteful garnish).
My mom enjoying the views on a lovely mother-daughter mountain bike ride.

Turns out Jenae had the same idea! We saw her fly by us and were able to get a picture at the trailhead. We definitely will be going on some rides together. (Not shown: the collection of wildflowers peeking out of her back pocket). 

So prettyyyyyy
Carmen arrives tomorrow night and I am of course very excited to see her. We already have a bucket list of adventures that we need to complete so you will surely be hearing more soon.

Keep rockin' the cow.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Boston Squad

This Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting up with some alumni in the area.  We had a great time biking and running in the Blue Hills outside of Boston.  Pictured below Josh ('16), Liv, ('16) Vanya ('15) and myself ('19).  The highlight was the donuts Vanya brought for afterwards.  Luckily, Josh has long arms.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Class of 2018

On this Graduation Day, I decided to dig deep into the blog archives and resurface some freshman year throwbacks for the Class of 2018!

Schrupp testing out the Williamstown pavement back in Fall of '14... I think he likes it.

Women's team - all alums!
So no one ever forgets the long hair era.

Heidi getting used to some brisk temps at Prospect.

Sarah sending it in her first Schnell.
Some highlights from Elowyn's sophomore year. Older and wise than her classmates as freshmen.

And of course, the iconic snowflake pajama ski suit.
Game face. Trapp's ain't got nothing on this hometown hero. 

Sarah in the Canadian Strength Test, taking a quick breather after her 117th push-up.

Congrats to the seniors on graduating! We will miss you all and look forward to regular visits back to the Purple Valley.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Back at home and up at the cabin

Here are a few photos from the last couple of weeks since I got home from Williams:

Finding fresh asphalt with my training buddy Kristine who is on the ski team at UNH

Hanging with my friend Hannah at our cabin near Hayward, Wisconsin (home of the American Birkebeiner!)
My thumb after I ravaged it with a bread knife while trying to recreate my Sunday Driscoll brunch bagel sandwich

It was oppressively hot and humid last week in the midwest (over 100˚ F!) and here I am feeling the heat and contemplating the sweat in my thumb wound
I managed to convince Adrienne to come visit me in Minneapolis on her way to Colorado from Williams! We went on a big bike/rollerski tour around Lake of the Isles, Bde Maka Ska, Lake Harriet, Minnehaha Creek, the Mississippi River, and the Greenway. We also went for a little run through the sculpture garden with the Cherry and the Spoon and finished at the best ice cream place, Sebastian Joe's. Adrienne said, and I quote, that she could see herself living in Minneapolis one day, which is from the girl who once asked Elowyn whether she lived on the east or west coast, so we're considering the trip a success and everyone should come to MN! 

Adrienne and I admiring the Mississippi River from the Lake St. bridge

Spoon and cherry!

Stay cool and rock the cow!

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Updates from Williamstown

Hey sports fans x2!

I just left Williamstown yesterday and have returned home to Newton, MA.  A few updates from my last week at school after finals were complete.

(1) The cows have returned to Stone Hill.

(2) A mama bear and her cub were spotted on the trail from Cluett Drive to the Stone Bench trail.

(3) Isabel and I had a big volume weekend of training. 

She stayed tough on the 50 mile bike ride in the 55 degree rain and 14 miles of grooved pavement past Prospect. 

Dead fish core get at me!

There is still snow at the snow hole.

(4) I lead a WOOLF training trip to teach the new freshman canoeing WOOLF leaders how to be instructors.  I highly recommend incoming freshman to signup for WOOLF canoeing.  There are some great leaders for the trip!

Below, WOOLF leader Niku models what rollerskiing looks like.

Morning on Grout Pond, VT.

Catch me ripping around on my old turf and eating lots of ice cream.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

home sweet home!

Hello Sports fans!

I am checking in from Ely, MN where I work in the summer as a canoe and backpack wilderness guide. A lot has been going on in the last week I've been home, but sadly I do not have too many photos. I got home to my house in Stillwater last Friday night, and spend a good five days at home unpacking, packing, and getting back into that roller ski grind! I skied lots with my Kristen Bourne, my best friend high school, got a great roll with Ingrid in, and got this text from Jeremy: "Thanks for the invite though haha. I didnt even bring any roller ski stuff home anyways lol"

Here's a shot of my amazing dogs, Luna and Zippy, who I've missed dearly this last semester. 

Anyway, Now I am up in northern Minnesota getting ready to start my job, and training for next year's around the world ping pong in the basement of the craftsbury rec center.

I've made it a goal of mine to get photos of me rollerskiing to round out the Williams ski teams online profile, so look forward to some great shots in the near future.

That's that!