Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Running through the Mist

On Sunday, the women's team enjoyed a OD run up Mt. Berlin, over Petersburg Pass on the Taconic Crest and down Triple R.  We managed to get lost only once and cover about 20 miles!  We followed the leadership of our fearless captain Hannah Benson.

The team posing on top of Mt. Berlin.  Quite the view. 

One of our newest members, Ingrid Thyr, excited about her snack.

Looking forward to many more workouts with this wonderful team!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Shout out to Carmen!

A quick update from the running world! 

As you may know, I've continued to compete in cross country at Williams and spend my fall primarily training with the running team before making the transition to full-time ski training at the conclusion of the running season. This year, I get to share the multi-sport ride with first year, Carmen Bango! 

The cross country team is impressively big this year, with 21 first year men and 13 first year women bringing our roster total to 91. A huge contrast to the tight-knit ski team, these past few weeks have been filled with lots of introductions, re-introductions and trying to get to know each person as an individual beyond their name. It's going well so far and I'm very excited about the energy, enthusiasm and support that's driving the team dynamic. 

The first race of the season was hosted by Vassar College this past Saturday. Coach Pete Farwell decided to make a day trip of the meet, complete with a post-race picnic and visit to the outdoor sculpture garden, Storm King. Despite muggy conditions and plentiful sun, the team did a great job executing Pete's race plan, packing up in the first few miles and finishing with a strong progression over the final mile. I've been sidelined the past month so did not compete, but did get to go and cheer and get a good look at how the team is going to work together over the upcoming weeks. Up front we had a mix of strong senior leaders, improved returnees and some speedy first-years. One of which was Carmen, who came in as the seventh Eph! 

Although it's been a hard hit to not be racing at the start of my senior season, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get in some extra ski training with the team. Last week we had a solid L3 interval session in Pownal, VT and a sunny over distance classic ski across the border in NY (all on FRESH pavement). Having spent a lot of time sweating it out in upper Lasell on my own, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to practice with a set of motivated, smiling, just all around awesome, teammates. This team is going to be a force come winter!

Listening as the president of Storm King gives us a brief tour of the sculpture garden.
PC: Anna Harleen
A couple of guys on the men's team, Alex Cowen and Liam Simpson, on T-Bear duty for the day.
PC: Anna Harleen
The women's team warming up for the race.
PC: Anna Harleen 
CARMEN! All smiles post race.
PC: Anna Harleen

Onward and upward,

Monday, September 12, 2016

The first OD

All the lads are back on campus and life is good. After a summer of running and roller skiing solo, I am happy as can be to train with the crew. Today, Sunday, we went down to five corners for the first OD of the year. 

Luke Costley 

Carr's stoked to be rollerskiing

The first year boys

The final push up the hill to Driscoll's tray of fried eggs. Also this is nice shot of the beautiful work Sonya does cutting hair. Best barber in Williamstown Mass.

A classic Driscoll Brunch

Captain Eli Hoenig tries the fabled new coffee machine

Though my camera was only present for brief moments at random times, the this team's incredible spirit never leaves. No school on the EISA can compete with our level of support for one another and it'll show this winter!

Nick out.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week One

The first few days of what looks to be a dominant season for the Ephs are already wrapping up with great success! The friendly rivalry between the Classes of 2017 and 2019 for who will be crowned the hardest class in Williams Nordic history is heating up. A couple of critical victories have fallen the way of the sophomores of late, but there are many weeks ahead for things to change so all players involved will have to stay on their toes and on top of their training. (Props to Sonya Jampel ’19 and her creativity for coming up with such a unique and motivating Class of 2019 rallying cry.) However, the new freshmen wildcards look to stir things up – can’t wait to see more of what they’ve got!

With two days of Captain’s Practice complete and already four epic workouts in the books, including runs up to the Taconic Crest, DP up Petersburgh, and a track workout, the men’s team is feeling strong and confident.

I slacked a bit this week on shots of the team, but to piggy-back off Benson’s post from earlier this week, I’ve included some updates on changes around campus…

The quad area between Paresky, Chapin, and Sawyer has undergone a transformation into some sort of art-park/playground type thing, but the changes are welcome for breaking up the monotony of the plain, old sidewalk.

New surface, new marble, no cars around Chapin Hall.

And you have to cross a bridge to get to Hollander now.

-Evan Carr

P.S. Hope everyone who follows the blog is doing well, especially Jack Schrupp and Josh Harrington.

Friday, September 9, 2016

"Hot, Oppressively Humid, High of 90"

The title of this post was the weather forecast I heard on the radio for yesterday. So we went for a 2 hr run and loved it! The training season has begun and the team is ready to rip!
Our traditional first run on the Taconic Crest. Look at the humidity invade the photo and look at us smile in spite of it!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rolling into the Semester

Well, it's that time of year again...

Connor's Bros pods cover campus, everyone is scrambling to figure out their class schedules, and more excitingly, our team is slowly trickling back into Williamstown! I got here a couple days ago and got to move into my dorm (the new one!) before doing my first run up Pine Cobble of the fall with Sonya and spending many hours learning about team leadership. I had my first meal in a dining hall today (Driscoll, of course), and there have been several important changes on that front:

1. They now have the "wave-machine" so you don't have to swipe, just tap.
2. The salad bar has whole olives
3. The snack station thingy has crispy noodles. I'm not sure if this is new or I've just never noticed it.
4. They have new baked goods recipes, namely for a black bean brownie and a red velvet cookie.
5. They have a new espresso machine that has many different buttons you can push to procure a variety of caffeinated drinks. While this is the most notable development, I am skeptical of how well it works, but also looking forward to the fact that I might not have to spend quite as much money at Tunnel this semester.

Other notable changes to  campus include the beautiful new quad between Sawyer and Paresky, the scary metal structure at the end of Spring St. that is supposed to become a bookstore, and the major construction zone that is Schow.

Rolling into the new dorm while desperately trying to avoid "disciplinary action".

If you look closely, you will notice that this is the doorway to the best suite on campus, not only because it is decorated with cheerful (creepy?) animated snowmen, but also because Hannah, Tsaina and I all live there.

Our first team meeting is tomorrow and I am stoked to meet/see everyone again! 



Sunday, August 28, 2016

We're coming for you Williamstown!

Hi to all the Eph nordic blog readers!
As summer comes to a close and all of the eph skiers are making their ways back to the purple valley from all corners of the country (and world), its a good time to reflect on how lucky we are to be able to call a place like Williamstown home. I spent nine weeks of my summer in New York city and can't be more excited to escape the throngs of people, tall buildings, and garbage piles. I had a fun time in NYC this summer, but living in a city makes you cherish the times outside with the ski team family. I couldn't be more excited to have one more go at it with the team this year and am looking forward to seeing everyone in the next two weeks!

I just got back from a family trip in Switzerland and thought I would share some pictures from some mountain climbing adventures. Enjoy! 

Sunrise over the Alps from the Matterhorn
 Summit of the Matterhorn
 Summit of the Matterhorn
 Emergency hut halfway up the Matterhorn ridge with clouds covering the valley floor
 Scrambling down the ridge from the summit of the Matterhorn
 Some goats along the way