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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Adventures in Quebec

It is day 4 at the Williams Ski Team Christmas Camp at Mont Saint Anne in Quebec. The temps hover below 5 degrees Fahrenheit, but with bomber ski tracks and hundreds of kilometers to ski, good food and good company, the team keeps pretty darn happy.
The first night here saw high winds that knocked out the power for the whole day and into the evening. We had no heat in our chalets, no way to cook or heat food (no hot cocoa?!!!), and no lights once it turned dark. Despite these factors, the team took it all in stride, building large fires in our fireplaces, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, and reading to each other by headlamp as we huddled up in multiple layers of sweatshirts and blankets.
New Years Eve was spent eating a deluxe dinner put on by the ladies team, followed by a boisterous game of Charades.
Today we are doing our fourth day of double ski sessions. It is cold, but the tracks are perfect, the skies are blue and we are all in good health. Not much more to ask for . . . .

Holly, Kirsten, Aubrey after a VERY cold ski.

The boys team gathers up for a team photo as the sun sets at the end of a long skate ski.

Team Dinner at the boys chalet: ginger sweet potato curry.

How many boys does it take to arrange a platter of Oreos? 5: Dmitri, Sam, Robbie, Keith, Eric

Hannah acts out a clue during a team game of Charades

Gabby and Emily take turns reading to the girls team by headlamp at the end of a long day without any electricity

Kirsten getting shut-eye between morning and afternoon ski sessions.

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