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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Beautiful, Cold, and Race Cancelled

The sprint races at the U.S. Championships were cancelled today, after three postponements due to cold weather. They are rescheduled for tomorrow.

The wind was unusually absent from the Kincaid stadium, and though it seemed to many that it had warmed up and the racers were rearing to go, the sun was going down and the heats had already been moved to Sunday. David, Alice, and Fiona, as well as Christina Knapp, future class of '13, will compete tomorrow.
However, in large part due to the cold weather, it has been beautiful in Anchorage the last few days, and the tracks are in excellent condition.

View out over the ocean from the 10/15km skate course on Friday. The sun spends its time in the Southern horizon, low in the sky at around 12:30pm when this photo was taken.

The top of a killer hill on the 10/15km Skate course on Friday.

(It looks like the rest of the team is having fun in Quebec! Nice job in the Time Trials, guys!)

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