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Friday, January 23, 2009

First Carnival Race!!

Even with slow, wind-blown tracks, some of the top results in the 5 and 10 kilometer classic races were decided by mere seconds. The temperatures were much warmer than predicted, with a high of 24 under a cloudy sky.
Both mens and womens teams looked and finished really strong, all scorers earning 21st place and higher. For such a great showing, both teams took 5th, indicating the high level of competitiveness on the eastern circuit this year. The men had an early start, at 9:30 am, and Dimitri Luthi led the team with a 7th place finish, just .7 out of 6th. Erik Anderson and Keith Kantack rounded out our scoring team, in 19th and 21st.
For the women's team, Alice Nelson lead the charge at 10th place, Kirsten Johnson at 14th, and Liz Kantack at 20th.

womens results:
mens results:

Dimitri Luthi steps outside the snow-blown tracks to gain some seconds on a downhill.

Alice climbs over the top of the infamously steep High School Hill

Keith Kantack

Liz Kantack: still looking strong at 3.5km

A PR performance by Robbie Cuthbert

Fiona Worcester demonstrating strong shin angle

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