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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Fun

The best day of classic skiing yet: perfect snow, perfect tracks, perfect temperatures.

After a hard two days of racing the team was really tired when we left the ski room at 9am this morning, but two minutes into our OD ski we were all smiles. Its hard not to feel *alive* when the skiing is this darn good!

We were psyched to have '09 Alum Sam Kapala join us for the morning session and brunch. He came to Williams yesterday with his band, Darlingside, to put on a rocking concert at the college. Midway through the ski Sam remarked, "Every ski center on the East Coast should have a Paana."

Yeah, we are lucky. (Thanks for grooming, Steve!)

Greeted with sunshine and crisp-cut tracks.
Casey leads a pack of boys up Prospect mountain via the access road.

Kirsten does a double fist pump in appreciation of the morning.

Sam Kapala at the top of Mountain Trail

Sam does a toe hook on one ski as he coasts downhill over the lip of the mountain.

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