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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Double Greylock

The Double-G: its not a snowboard jump or a freestyle twist. For Williams nordic it means skiing up the tallest mountain in Massachusetts twice.  17 miles of steep uphill, punctuated by sharp corners and scenic overlooks.  We started by skating the Williamstown side to the very top, 7 miles, then drove back down to Lanesborough and classic rolled the other side all the way to the top again, this time a longer 10 mile route.  A little under 2.5 hours of skiing, lots of sun and fall foliage. A fabulous day of training for the last day of reading period.

Purple asters line the roadside
Casey J in the Color

The boys team reaches the top for the first time. . .

Coach Fisher gives freshman Hannah Smith some tips on how to avoid road rash.

The women's team starts their second ascent: Summit: 8 miles

Will skis up the first of many steep hills on the Lanesborough side
Hannah H, Kristin, and Sarah in the color
One of the gorgeous viewpoints near the top

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  1. Looks beautiful! What a great week we've had in New England. Hope all is well!