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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mark Johnson ('11) wins races at North American Biathlon Championships in Jericho

Mark (middle; Ice-Beard Man) competing in Jericho
I learned from '10 Alum Alice Nelson (who got to witness the races) that MoJo was at the North American Biathlon Championships in Jericho, VT this last weekend where he won both the sprint and the 15 k mass start.  This has earned him a berth onto the 3-man team that will race at the European Championships in central Slovakia later this month!!
  Mark has had a great season, so far.  After graduating last year, he spent the summer training for biathlon in his hometown in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  Through several early season races he qualified for the IBU Cup team, but because of team funding shortages was not allowed to travel, so he is psyched to have a definite spot on this current team. 
  The Championships will be held in  Brezno-Osrblie, Slovakia from January 27 til February 2nd.

GO MO-JO!!!!!!!!!
Mark Johnson zeros in his rifle (photo stolen off his now-discontinued blog)

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